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Need of Teams in Alliance

by Anas Kahoot (Sargodha Lions) 3 months ago
We Need 2 teams with high rating players for our Alliance we already have some Teams with high star players. We are preparing for upcoming Alliance cup. If Anyone of you is interested let me know in comment section. Thanks

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I wish to join your alliance. Can I?
2 months ago
Div VI
Anas Kahoot (Sargodha Lions) Bhalwal,Pakistan # 2
Aby_here - Sorry sir you are late.
2 months ago
Anas Kahoot - Okey. Thanks ☺
2 months ago
Abhi (Gatecrashers 2017) California # 4
i wanna join
2 months ago
Div V
Raj Chauhan (Street Blues) Rajkot # 5
Aby_here - join our alliance LIMITLESS if you want
2 months ago
Div V
Raj Chauhan (Street Blues) Rajkot # 6
Abhi - join alliance limitless
2 months ago
Raj Chauhan - Are you the only member of alliance
2 months ago
Div V
Raj Chauhan (Street Blues) Rajkot # 8
Aby_here - I have created new alliance so... few months back I had uninstalled the game for some reasons and now one week a go reinstalled and login in my account then I had been out of my own alliance so I created new one so tell your frnd (if any) to join alliance
2 months ago
Raj Chauhan - Okey brother
2 months ago

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