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could not use fb app

by Hirshan (Pheonix XI 2670) 4 months ago
In the fb app version, after I log in I get a challengers cup poster which is not responding to anything I do(clicking the tabs). As a result, I couldn't access any tabs or menus such as gym or to set the line up. Please look into the bug ASAP..

Thank you.

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Updated at: 19-08-2018

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I have the same problem!! been 2 days now please fix bug.
4 months ago
I have also same problem. Please solve the problem quickly otherwise I'll miss out the last league match Victory Box! :(
4 months ago
Hello moderators and admin, 

I can't manage my team since 3 days. This way I'll lose my upcoming matches. Please delete the  Challengers Cup  poster from the game in Facebook. I only play this game on Facebook. 
4 months ago
Div VI
Martin (Rutland Rustlers) Chepstow # 4
I have the same problem. Will leave the game if not fixed soon or some update from developers.
4 months ago
my team has missed out on 10 mill + in the last week....from the time the independence cup started this bug has been about, i wonder how many players this affects?? must be alot!!......hurry up and fix this issue hw!!! i think desktop fb app platform is one that you devs cannot afford to lose if this game is to grow even bigger. the truth is atm this platform to the game is down!!!!!!! 
4 months ago
My team knocked-out from the U20 Cup today! I wanted to use gym for my players to keep them fit but due to the Challengers Cup poster bug I can't anything on facebook.  I'm feeling sad and helpless for my team. I know many hitwicket team managers also suffering from the same problem as me! :(
4 months ago

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