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dominate xi

by Chaitanya (kris) 7 months ago
Registration rules ------ This is the main thing in this tourney The teams which are upto brilliant level only can register in this tournament. Leader will be selected first cum first basis Later on leader will get his clan mates by auction Leader should have what's app This tournament is only upto brilliant level manager ---- Final winner get 20 credits as prize . And one more thing we give oppurtunity to you to speak with well experienced players to give suggestions to improve Ur game and tactics .. Last but not least ... If Ur team performance is well and good then u get an opportunity to play in big tourneys like TTT .. BCOZ .WE INTRODUCE UR TEAM TO MANY MANAGERS . . SO GUYS SHOW UR TALLENT AND TACTICS .. . . NOTE --- THE TEAM WHICH IS GOING TO REGISTER IN THIS TOURNAMENT SHOULD DEDICATE THERE TUESDAYS TO THIS TOURNAMENT AFTER ALL REGISTRATION AUCTION TAKES PLACE IN WHATS APP AFTER AUCTION FIXTURES WILL BE REALSED AND WEAPONS WILL BE INTRODUCED AFTER AUCTION AND FOR EVERY ROUND ..THERE WILL BE DIFFRENT TYPE MATCHES AND POINTS ALLOCATION .. SO EACH AND EVERY ROUND ANY ONE CAN BE WINNER ... REGISTRATION STARTS FOR 8 LEADERS NOW --- WHO JAVE WHATS APP CAN BE LEADER JUST FAST TO REGISTER AND GRAB 20 CREDITS AS WINNING PRIZE ONLY UPTO brilliant MANAGERS ONLY

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