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Friendly Tournament

by Muhammad Awais (Awais Warriors) 7 months ago
Friendly Match Base Tournament 
100 Credits Entry Fee
Winning Prize: 400 Credits
 Runner-UP Prize: 300 Credits
3rd Place Prize: 100 Credits
 8 teams in Tournament 
2 Groups
4 Teams in Each Group
Each team will play 2 matches against each team 1 home 1 away.
8 Weeks Tournament
Team Star Limit 105/105 max.
 Player Start Limit max. 18.00
 Note: In case of violation of rules, team lost the match. 
For more info Contact Muhammad Awais 
WhatsApp Contact: +92313-7989868 
Only those teams who have Whatsapp no. can participate.
For Participation: Comment "I want to participate" then sponsor 100 Hitcoins.
1st 8 teams will Participate.
Registration Time End 13th July 2018
Further Update on 14th July 2018
If you have any issue to submit Entry fee then simply submit it to my account.
Confirmed Teams
1. Awais Warriors
2. Empire of Okara

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I want to Participate
7 months ago
Div IV
Kai (Bladebreakerz) Lahore # 2
i want to participate
7 months ago
I want to participate
7 months ago
Kai President Hasnain - Now simply Submit Entry Fee 100 Hitcoins through Sponsor Transfer Credits
7 months ago
so we pay you 100 credits to join correct. Then whoever lasts the 8 weeks and wins it then they would be spending maybe 3 or 400 credit sending requests for home games along the way. Not really much of a reward in this tournament even if you win
7 months ago
Paul - Bro it's Friendly base tournament Every week there is 1 Friendly match available which is free of credits There are tournaments in Hitwicket which lasts 12 weeks If u think u can play 8 weeks then participate u will enjoy
7 months ago
i want to participate
7 months ago
Vijay - Submit your entry & become officially part of this tournament. Thanks
7 months ago
Div VI
Tim (Mumbai Indian 1231) Mumbai # 9
i want particate
7 months ago
Tim - Submit your entry 100 Hitcoins through sponsor transfer credits & become officially part of this tournament. Thanks
7 months ago
i want to participate
7 months ago
Sandeep Rakesh - Now simply submit Entry through Sponsor Transfer Credits & become part of this tournament
7 months ago
Muhammad Awais - i should transfer credits to you
7 months ago
Sandeep Rakesh - No bro
go to tournament page hit sponsor credits hit transfer credits then submit 100 credits
7 months ago
increase the reward or decrease time period
7 months ago
Muhammad Awais - I want to participate
7 months ago
7 months ago
Manjar imam - Submit your entry through sponsor transfer credits
7 months ago

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