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T20 World Cup

by Imran Arain (SMCians) 7 months ago
Let's play T20 World Cup

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Imran Arain - add me
7 months ago
Div VI
Ravichandra K N (RAVI WARRIOR'S) Chickballapur # 2
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7 months ago
Imran Arain (SMCians) Karachi # 3
it is open registration tournament.
7 months ago
well if your going to play a world cup then you need to outline the fixtures and if theres groups and also the total amount of nations in the tournament etc etc? Also what registered managers country they selected. You want to play a T20 World Cup tournament then whats the details?
7 months ago
7 months ago
Div V
Sheik Kadar (SK TITANS XI) Chennai # 6
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6 months ago

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