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The new Youth Scout Update!

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 40 months ago
Hi Managers, Thank you all for the feedback regarding the current Youth Scout system. Based on your feedback, it was clear that simple changes would not address the concerns, a larger change is needed...and we are doing just THAT! :) The new system will come into force from 15.06.2018. The newer system too will rely on Daily Login to collect skill points and will also give you avenues to target 17.0 scouts specifically if you choose to do so. The feature when launched will be self-explanatory & simple to understand, so please wait for the update. The current Youth Scout system and the Daily powerups will be removed from 15th onwards. Please scout your player before the 15th to not lose out the current scout progress. Good luck!

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Alpha K9 (Doggy 11) Mumbai, India # 384
39 months ago
It seems the you're incapable of fixing these bugs in a timely manner so why don't you just remove the  entire concept of jerseys from the game, or at least change it so they aren't required if a player has maximum scout points?  

What is the point of needing jerseys to scout when one has already gone to the effort of collecting maximum points? 

Add a timer or something instead, it doesn't really matter as long as it's simple and works the same for everyone!

 I'm truly amazed at how long this issue is taking to get resolved, and how rarely we get any communication from the developers, we just want a simple fix so we can continue enjoying the game to the fullest extent.
39 months ago
Alpha K9 (Doggy 11) Mumbai, India # 386
The only way the developers will reply is when we all start putting bad reviews on playstore & applestore ! The attitude of the developers shows they give a monkeys ass to our issues! no communication is also a way of communication! They are clearly telling us 'WE DONT CARE' well, then why should we? lets start reviewing 0 to 1 stars !
39 months ago

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