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Spaak Empire Friendly T20 Champions League 2K18 - Season 1

by Abhishek Gupta (SPAAK EMPIRE XI) 8 months ago
Welcome to SPAAK EMIRE FRIENDLY T20 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2K18 (SEASON-1).. This is the Tournament which is Completely FREE. So, Everyone can join. :) This tournament is structured to make new Friends. 

Organiser :         SPAAK EMPIRE(SIR Abhishek Gupta) 
Co-Organiser : HSSW (SIR Ashu Ji) 

Tournament Registration Start: May 29, 2018 
Tournament Registration Deadline : Till Slots 

Prizes: When we get sponsor, we will make prizes. 

Sponsors Are Welcome... 

1. This Tournament is Free. You didn't have to Pay Reg. Fee for playing this Tournament. 
2. In Tournament, 16 Managers will have Opportunity to Showcase their Abilities. 
3. All match will be held on friendly match on Tuesday in every week. So, Pls don’t send Friendly Match Requests outside the Tournament. 
4. In this season, we will play 1 Knockout Match First and then Group Stage will Start. 
5. When Group Stage Start, All Managers have to give their Minimum 11 Team Players(Maximum 15 Player) Name to the Organiser or to the Co-Organiser. Because, we will try to make up the Records from very beginning. So, If u help us with it. Then it will be very helpful for us. And this 15 Players Squad will be your Squad for all of Your Tournament Matches. You can make changes in your Squad only Twice during the Whole Tournament. 
6. Teams Skill Limit for Registration. : Maximum 110/110 Stars. Minimum 90/90 Stars. 
7. Division 8 players are not allowed in the Tournament. 
8. All Managers have to give their Whatsapp Number. To Join Tournament pls Ping me on Whatsapp +917838733815. 

Tournament Concept: 

1. Tournament will Start with 1 Knockout match. 
2. After completing the Knockout Match, We will have 8 Teams moving ahead in the Tournament. 
3. We will make 2 Groups(4 Team Each) with the Total of 8 Teams remaining in the Tournament. 
4. After completing Group Stage, Top 2 Winner of Every Group will go the IPL Style Playoffs. 

Knockout Concept: 

1. 1st Knockout Match will be held between 16 Teams. From this Knockout Stage, we will have 8 Winners. 
2. These 8 Teams will go to the Group Stage Fixtures. 
3. This two Knockout Match Winner will be Decided by Hitwicket’s Normal Match Win. 
4. Knockout Round Fixture will be Created by Lottery System. We will try to make this Lottery at live in What’s app. 

Group Stage Concept: 

1. In Group Stage, we will Divide 8 Teams (Knockout Winners) in 2 Groups (4 Teams Each). 
2. Groups will again be Decided by a Lottery. But we will try to make the Group with Similar Strength Teams. 
3. Every Team will Play Minimum of 6 Matches in group Stage. That is You will Play 2 Games with Each Team in your Group(One Home - One Away). 
4. Top 2 Teams of Each Groups will go into the Playoffs. 

Playoff Concept: 

Group 1 - SPAAK 
Group 2 - HSSW 

Team Qualifying on TOP Spot in Group 1 - SPAAK (1) 
Team Qualifying on TOP Spot in Group 2 - HSSW (1) 
Team Qualifying on 2nd Spot in Group 1 - SPAAK (2)  
Team Qualifying on 2nd Spot in Group 1 - HSSW (2) 




Note: All the in Playoffs will be held at the Home Ground of the Team with Higher Ranking in the Group or the Team with Better Net Run Rate. 

Playing Xi Concept:

1. Every Player Stars Limit Max. 20.00 Stars. You can not use over 20.00 Stars Players in any match of the Tournament. 
2. Every Team's Match Line-Up Skill Max. Limit is 120/105 Stars(Batting/Bowling). 
3. All Managers must Select a Pure Wicket Keeper Batsman.
4. All Managers are Strictly Advised to not to use Any Loan Player.

Note: At Any Point of Time during the Tournament, If a Manager got caught breaking the Rules, he/she could be DISQUALIFIED at the very same Moment. 

Thanks and Regards,
Sir Abhishek Gupta

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Updated at: 29-05-2018

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