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T20 Friendly Tournament (Season - 4) Free Free Free

by Apu Jack (As Stars) 7 months ago
Welcome to T20 Friendly Tournament (Season-4).. This is tournament is Free Free Free. So, Everyone can join. :)  This tournament for making new Friends. Please don't Play it for winning Prizes. Prizes are only for making interesting this tournament more.

Organizer : As Stars (Apu Jack) 
Co-Organizers : Sonanuj Superkings (Anuj Kumer) 
Sponsors :    Bladebreakerz (Kai)
                           Ak Dark House ( A A K)
                          IMMORTAL SAGE (SIR Sourajeet Mohanty)

Tournament Reg. Start : 26th May 
Tournament Reg. Deadline : 30th May 
1st knockout round : 5th June  

Winner - 800 Credits.
Runner up - 600 Credits.
3rd Place - 400 Credits.
4th Place - 200 Credits.

Spacial Prizes: 
All 4 Semi-Finalist Will get wild Card Entry in Season 5.

Sponsors Are welcome... 

 1. This Tournament is Free. You didn't have to Pay Reg. Fee for playing this tournament. 
2. In Tournament, this season 30 Players will have opportunity to play. 
3. All match will be held on friendly match on Tuesday in every week. So, Pls don’t send friendly match outside team during tournament. 
4. In this season, we will play 1 knockout match First and then group round start. 
5. When Group round start, All team have to give their 15 team players name to me. Because, this season, we will again make data of all matches. So, If u give us it. Then it will be very helpful work for us. But this 15 Players will be squad for your all matches in tournament. You can change players for your squad only 5 times after declaring your squad in whole tournament. 
6. From Group round, Match Winner Decide on your Players Playing Xi Points.
7. Team skill limited for Reg. : Maximum 105/105 Stars. Minimum 80/80 Stars. 
8. Division 8 players are not allowed in tournament. 
9. All member have to give their whats app number. For joining tournament pls knock me in whats app. +8801837603864. 
10. Loan players is not allowed in any match in tournament.

Tournament concept: 

 1. Tournament will start with 1 knockout match. 
2. After completing knockout match, We will have 18 teams (15 knockout winners + 3 winner teams of season 3). 
3. We will make 4 groups with this 18 teams. 
4. After completing group match, Top 2 winner of every group will go Quarter-final round. Total 8 teams will go in Quarter-final round. 
5. From Quarter-final to Final, all matches will be knockout round. 
6. Players Pointing winning system will begin from Group match to Final

 Knockout Round Rules: 

 1. Knockout round will held between 30 teams. From knockout round, we will collect 15 winners. This 15 teams will go at Groups match
3. This Knockout match winner will decided by Hitwicket normal match win.
 4. Knockout round Fixture will be create by lottery. 
5. Every Player stars limit Maximum 17.00 stars. You can not use over 17.00 stars players in any match of tournament.
6.   Home Team have to send Away Team Friendly Match Request In time.
7. On 04th June, All teams have to give their Match id.
8. You Have to Maintain all rules. If anyone broke any rules. He will be out of Tournament.
9. Loan players is not allowed in match.

 Group Round Rules: 

 1. In Group round, we will divide 18 teams (15 knockout winners + 3 winners teams of season 3) in 4 groups. 
2. Group teams placement will be given by lottery. But we will try to make all group with same strength team. 
3. Every team will play 2 matches with a team in group round. That’s mean u will face a team 2 times in your Group. 
4. All Group matches winner will decided by Players Pointing winner systems
5. Top 2 teams of each groups will go in Quarter-final round. 

 Playing Xi Rules 

 1. Every Player stars limit Maximum 17.00 stars. You can not use over 17.00 stars players in any match of tournament. 
2. Every Team match line-up skill maximum limit is 95/95 stars. (This rule will begin from group match. You can make any line up in knockout matches.)
 3. In match line-up skill limit, WK bowling will not count
 4. Manager will select Pure Wicket Keeper.

Reg. Teams :
As Stars
Sonanuj Superkings
AK Dark Horse
Ali Attackers
Asad Advancers
Awais Warriors
Baban XI
Bangladesh Dragons
Bangladeshi Tiger boys
Chandan Rising Star
Devastating Assassin's
Hafiz Ki Team
Kochi Tuskers 9320
Lions XI 9843
Mohd Kamran XI
mohunbagan tigers
Moy Megatrons 6460
Mumbai Indian 1231
Nab'z Empire
Pakistani Stars 7475
Rka Supergiants
Roshan's XI Royals
SuperStar20 XI
The Cool MSD
uttrakhand bolts

Knockout matches winners: 

Pakistani Stars 7475
Kochi Tuskers 9320
Awais Warriors
SuperStar20 XI
Roshan's XI Royals
The Cool MSD
Chandan Rising Star
Moy Megatrons 6460
Lions XI 9843
mohunbagan tigers

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