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World Cup 2018

by Omkar Mahangare (Indian Blasters 8909) 8 months ago

Welcome to the 2nd Season of World Cup 2018

Our tournament committee welcomes all teams, team Managers, team Players and Spectators. I sincerely appreciate the participation of all team Managers that are going to travel along with me.

See our last season on :



Main Organizer: Omkar Mahangare [Indian Blasters] 

Co-Organizer/Supporting Partner:


Auction Organizers:

Main Sponsor:


Supporting Partner:

For Sponsors:

 Credits Transfer link: http://.com/team/show/300719 ;

Registration Details:

 Registration Form link:



Coach (6 Slots)

Assistant Coach (6 Slots)

Captain (6 Slots) 

Vice-Captain (6 Slots)   

Member (24 Slots)   

Note: Only Manager Above Level Masterful Can apply for Coach and Manager Above Level Exemplary can apply For Assistant Coach.
Separate Elections will be taken for Coach and Assistant Coach For Each Country.Coach And Assistant Coach will Choose Captain and Other Players from the list of Participants From Respective Nation


The tournament is totally clan based tournament with Tuesday Friendly Match (No Hitcoins Needed), There will be 1 Leader and 3 Members in a Clan, So Total 4 teams per clan. 

This time Coach have to represent a Nation.

Coach have to submit their 20 Players Squad with 5 Players from all the 4 teams of the clan, They can submit their squad only 3 times in the whole Tournament, First, Before the start of Group Matches, Second, After the 4 Rounds and Third, After the completion of Group stages or before the Playoffs.

Leader have to choose their Playing XI for every Round, Points will be given to all the selected (Playing XI) Players, But remember, You can choose only 3 players from any three team and 2 players from any one team of your Clan which will constitute Playing XI of that Round.

You can change your Playing XI every week according to form, fitness or whatever reason you think.

You have to select 5 players who can bat, 5 players who can bowl and one Wicketkeeper in your Playing XI, If you want to select any player as a All-rounder then that player have to be at least 7 star in both batting and bowling department.

Only selected Wicketkeeper of Playing XI will get points of 'Stumping'.

You can select a captain of your XI, Captain will get double points in match.

If any of your bought team become inactive in Tournament then we will give you same strength replacement team, In any case if we unable to find any replacement on time then we will give the Average points to that and opponent both team based on their previous performance of the Tournament. 

No Replacement will be provided after the Group Stages.

10 to 19 Runs= 1 Point
20 to 29 Runs= 2 Points 
30 to 39 Runs= 3 Points 
 And So On........ 

1 Wicket= 2 Points 
2 Wickets= 4 Points 
3 Wickets= 6 Points 
And So On........ 

1 Point per Catches 
2 Points per Stumps 
2 Points per Run-out 

50's= 2 Points 
100's= 5 Points 
150's= 7 Points 
200's= 10 Points 
4 Wickets Haul= 2 Points 
5 Wickets Haul= 3 Points 
More then 5 Wickets= 5 Points 
3 Catches by a Player= 3 Points 
5 or More Catches by a Player= 5 Points 
3 or More Stumps= 5 Points 
3 or More Run-out= 5 Points 

Duck= -3 Points 
Golden Duck= -5 Points 
Economy 10 or More= -3 Points 
Economy 15 or More= -5 Points 
Drop Catches= -2 Points 
For Not Giving Limited Overs to Bowlers= -5 Points per Player 
For Not Giving Wicket-keeping to the selected Player= -5 Points

Teams Participating in the Tournament


West Indies

  Coach -

 Assistant Coach -


 Coach -

Assistant Coach -

Captain - Captain -
Vice-Captain - Vice-Captain
Members- Members -
Sponsors -
Sponsors -
Co-Sponsors - Co- Sponsors -


INDIA [Champions]

Coach -

Assistant Coach-


Coach -

Assistant Coach-



 South Africa


Assistant Coach-    

New Zealend


Assistant Coach-                    


Remaining Teams Such as Pakistan,Srilanka,etc will be added as per Nation's Players Registrations.

Register Fast and become a Champion.....Registrations open.

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Updated at: 11-05-2018

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