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Fantasy Super League Season 4

by Ankit (Lightning Strikers) 9 months ago

Whats'up Hitwicket Managers!

We are back yet again with your Favourite "One-of-a-kind" and "Unique Format" Unofficial Tournament, The Fantasy Super League Season 4.
The Previous Three Season was very successful and that's all because of your response, So thanks to all of you who participated in our three seasons.

Like and Stay Connect with our FB Page to get up to date about any information relating to Tournament-

This time  The Tournament is presented to you by Four Experience Manager of Hitwicket and you know them very very well in this line. So our Four Organisers are:-
Ankit Verma

Prakhar Gupta


Shamshad Ahmed

Before we start Description and all stuff i wanna notify you that Please read one and each line written below very carefully otherwise you couldn't understand the beauty of this Tournament, It maybe lengthy but worth to read it and the more you able to know this tournament the more you like this. Even if you were the part of Previous Season, There are some changes from Previous Season. Thank you.

Previous Season's
Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

The tournament is totally clan based tournament with Tuesday Friendly Match (No Hitcoins Needed), There will be 1 Leader and 3 Members in a Clan, So Total 4 teams per clan. 

This time Clan Leader have to represent a City/State, And their Clan name should be on City/State Name like Delhi Dashers, Mumbai Hunters etc.

Leader have to buy 3 teams for his clan through Auction which is held over WhatsApp, They can also make a Co-leader who can maintain the clan after the absence of Leader.

This time In the Auction, Every Leader will get amount according to his Team Strength.

After the completion of Auction, Leader have to submit their 20 Players Squad with 5 Players from all the 4 teams of the clan, They can submit their squad only 3 times in the whole Tournament, First, Before the start of Group Matches, Second, After the 4 Rounds and Third, After the completion of Group stages or before the Playoffs.

There will be Total 10 Clans and 9 Rounds in the Group Stages, All Clan will face each other once and the Top 4 team will go to Play-Off.

Leader have to choose their Playing XI for every Round, Points will be given to all the selected (Playing XI) Players, But remember, You can choose only 3 players from any three team and 2 players from any one team of your Clan which will constitute Playing XI of that Round.

You can change your Playing XI every week according to form, fitness or whatever reason you think.

You have to select 5 players who can bat, 5 players who can bowl and one Wicketkeeper in your Playing XI, If you want to select any player as a All-rounder then that player have to be at least 7 star in both batting and bowling department.

Only selected Wicketkeeper of Playing XI will get points of 'Stumping'.

You can select a captain of your XI, Captain will get double points in match.

If any of your bought team become inactive in Tournament then we will give you same strength replacement team, In any case if we unable to find any replacement on time then we will give the Average points to that and opponent both team based on their previous performance of the Tournament. 

No Replacement will be provided after the Group Stages.

Those who want to register for this Tournament have to comment "Add me as a Leader/Member"
Registration Fees for Leader- 30rs. through PayTm or (300 Hitcoins)
Registration Fees for Member- 10rs through PayTm or (100 Hitcoins)
Registration will starts from 30 April 2018 to 9 May 2018.
For registration, You can pay through PayTm on this Mobile number- +91-9015703335
If you want to Pay through Credit you can transfer Credit on this Team ID-

Please Remember, Do not book any Tuesday Friendly Matches from 15, May.

WhatsApp or Facebook is mandatory to interact with Leaders/Members. 

10 to 19 Runs= 1 Point
20 to 29 Runs= 2 Points 
30 to 39 Runs= 3 Points 
 And So On........ 

1 Wicket= 2 Points 
2 Wickets= 4 Points 
3 Wickets= 6 Points 
And So On........ 

1 Point per Catches 
2 Points per Stumps 
2 Points per Run-out 

50's= 2 Points 
100's= 5 Points 
150's= 7 Points 
200's= 10 Points 
4 Wickets Haul= 2 Points 
5 Wickets Haul= 3 Points 
More then 5 Wickets= 5 Points 
3 Catches by a Player= 3 Points 
5 or More Catches by a Player= 5 Points 
3 or More Stumps= 5 Points 
3 or More Run-out= 5 Points 

Duck= -3 Points 
Golden Duck= -5 Points 
Economy 10 or More= -3 Points 
Economy 15 or More= -5 Points 
Drop Catches= -2 Points 
For Not Giving Limited Overs to Bowlers= -5 Points per Player 
For Not Giving Wicket-keeping to the selected Player= -5 Points

*Up to 500 Rs will be distributed between Top 4 Teams*
50% to Winner Team
25% to Runner Up Team
15% to 3rd Place Team
10% to 4th Place Team

So Rewards will be given as:-

Winner Clan (250 Rs)
120 Rs to Leader + 50 Rs to Co Leader + 40 Rs to Both members

Runner Up Clan (125 Rs)
60 Rs to Leader + 25 Rs to Co Leader + 20 Rs to Both Members

3rd Place Team (75 Rs)
30 Rs to Leader + 15 Rs to Co Leader + 15 Rs to Both Members

4th Place Team (50 Rs)
20 Rs to Leader + 10 Rs to Co Leader + 10 Rs to Both Members

*All the Sponsored Teams of the Tournament get only 50% of their Prizes.

Home team have to send challenge before Thursday 9pm and they also have to share screenshot of Sent Challenges to their Leader.

Away team have to accept challenge before Saturday 9pm and they also have to share screenshot of Match Link to their Leader. 

Leader have to provide Screenshot / Match Link to us on WhatsApp Group only before deadlines otherwise (-5) Points per match penalty will be given to the Clan. 

Leader have to update Playing XI in the given sheet and they have to provide screenshot of that updated Playing XI Sheet before Sunday 9pm on WhatsApp Group only otherwise (-20) points Penalty will be given to their Clan.

Writing Playing XI randomly in WhatApp Group would not be taken, Everyone have to update in sheet and provide us screenshot on WhatsApp Group.

Last deadline of submitting Playing XI after Penalty is Monday 7pm, After that we will not take Playing XI of that particular Round.

You can send Non Bet Challenge also to your opponent, Deadline of submitting screenshot of sent challenge is Monday only, Penalty for this is (-5).

Timing of Non Bet Challenges should be between 7 to 8 PM, Tuesday and Timing of other Friendly Matches should be between 4 to 8 PM, Tuesday, Penalty is (-5).

Opponent have to submit Match link of Non Bet Challenge before Tuesday 6 PM, Penalty for this is (-5).

It's compulsory to give Minimum 2 overs bowling to the Bowler and Minimum 1 over Bowling to All-rounder of your Playing XI, Penalty for not giving limited overs is (-5).

No Loan Players Allowed, Penalty for Loan Players is (-10).

If any of your Playing XI Player are not in the Squad or not playing after selection then he will get (0) Points, No Penalty for this.

April, 30= Registration Starts
May, 16= Registration Close
May, 19 & May, 20= Auction
May, 22= Practice Match (Within Clan)
May, 23 to 26= Submission of 20 Players squad
May, 29= Matches of Round 1
June, 5= Matches of Round 2
June, 12= Matches of Round 3
June, 19= Matches of Round 4
June, 20 to 23= Replace/Add of 20 Players Squad
June, 26= Matches of Round 5
July, 3= Matches of Round 6
July, 10= Matches of Round 7
July, 17= Matches of Round 8
July, 24= Matches of Round 9
July, 25 to 28= Replace/Add of 20 Players Squad
July, 31= Playoff-1 and Eliminator
August, 7= Playoff-2
August, 14= THE FINAL


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All those who want to see live auction are added now Abrar Khan your Number isn't showing on WhatsApp, So if you want to see then WhatsApp me at my number If anyone remaining then comment here
8 months ago
pls add me. 0094777288935
8 months ago
1st season auction have been completed. 20 teams have been sold so far 10 teams will be sold in night session at 10 pm
8 months ago
See our FB page to get update about Auction
8 months ago
Main kiski team me hoon....?
8 months ago
Amelia Campbell - ankit's team
8 months ago
Div IV
C MOSES (ORANGE ARMY team) Telangana # 147
all the best to everyone who is playing today :)
8 months ago
Div IV
Sir Hasan_hw (Xtreme Smashers) Chittagong # 148
all the best guyz ! and long live fsl.
8 months ago
Today is the 1st round of FSL4, we will get to know the strength of each clan. Please clans must have applied all the best strategies they could apply in this game. Everyone will be looking to take a lead in this starting round. Good luck to all. Let's see who takes the lead.
8 months ago
woah! what a start of the season. In the very 1st round, we saw breaking of records in FSL. Chennai Super Kings scored 157 points in a single round and it's player scored 66 points single handedly, both are new records of FSL franchise. behind them keeping the pace is Uttar Pradesh warrior who scored an amazing 119 points and in case u don't know.. that's my clan :-p. Good luck to the rest clans as it is the start.. still many rounds to go, so anything can happen.
8 months ago
Div IV
C MOSES (ORANGE ARMY team) Telangana # 151
prakhar007gupta - beast clans chennai super kings ,uttar pradesh  :(
8 months ago
All the best for Today's Match
8 months ago
Had seen some major changes this week. An stunning performance by coaching Tuskers which lead them to top of the table and another good performance by CSK standing strong at 2nd following by UP Warriors who lost their match from Delhi strangely bt still managed to be on 3rd position. Chittagong monsters are not far behind at 4th and the competition is high among the rest. Gujarat has to pick up the pace and Delhi showed today what they are capable of. Still 7 rounds to left, have to see lot of changes
8 months ago
Div IV
Sir Nibin (Crazy Tuskers) Thrissur # 154
prakhar007gupta - NOT COACHING TUSKERS BRO
8 months ago
Rewards are updated now
7 months ago
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