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Hitwicket World Cup 2018 Fixtures

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 42 months ago
World Cup 2018 Format
03/05/2018 to 20/05/2018 at 6:00 PM

  • Consists of 13 teams

  • Format followed will be Group Stage and then direct knockouts

  • There will be total 4 types of pitches used and hence 4 stadiums and locations

    1. Mumbai: Flat wicket

    2. Delhi: Sporting wicket

    3. Chennai: Crumbling wicket

    4. Bangalore: Green wicket

Group Stage

  • Consists of two groups
  • Group A consists of 7 teams while group B consists of 6 teams
  • Each team in a group will play 1 match against every other team from their group
  • Top 4 teams from each group will qualify for the knockouts
  • Each win gives 3 points, draw gives 1 point and loss gives 0 point
  • Group ranking will depend on points. If points are same then NRR will be taken into consideration
  • Group A consists the teams: Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, Ireland, New Zealand, Nepal and Afghanistan
  • Group B consists the teams:  Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Zimbabwe and England


  • Consists of 8 teams
  • Loser of any match gets knocked out of the tournament


Match 1: Group A Position 1 vs Group B Position 4
Match 2: Group A Position 2 vs Group B Position 3
Match 3: Group A Position 3 vs Group B Position 2

Match 4: Group A Position 4 vs Group B Position 1


Match 5: Match 1 Winner vs Match 2 Winner
Match 6: Match 3 Winner vs Match 4 Winner

Bronze Match

Match 5 Loser vs Match 6 Loser

Match 7: Match 5 Winner vs Match 6 Winner


Round Number

3rd May

Group A: Round 1 Group B: Round 1

4th May


5th May

Group A: Round 2 Group B: Round 2

6th May


7th May

Group A: Round 3 Group B: Round 3

8th May


9th May

Group A: Round 4 Group B: Round 4

10th May


11th May

Group A: Round 5 Group B: No Match

12th May

Group A: Round 6 Group B: round 5

13th May


14th May

Group A: Round 7 Group B: No Match

15th May


16th May

Quarter Finals

17th May


18th May

Semi Finals

19th May

Bronze Match

20th May



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