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sorry state of hw and ut's

by Sir AQeel_Raja (jokerz01) 10 months ago
Hello HW. This post is basically nothing and I know many managers made posts like that but they got no response from HW officials , Or any devs . So here's another post to b get ignored, but I had to speak out anyway, cuz being a hw old paying users it hurts to see the charm of hw and tournaments are gone. I started using hw since 2015, April . And now it's been 3 years since I've been playing Hw. in the start I felt like that was the game I been searching for a long period of time. Because it has everything , fun , stratgies , friends , good relationship across the border aswell.and most importantly it has UT'S CHRAM.which was very unique idea . And I had spent thousands and millions for those tournies. Whenever a tourney came I was probably the first to b ready for spending as much possible .because that time it was worth spending for Hw tournies cuz it was a fare game that time. Managers has to win only with his brain and hard work . And the was the basic charm of that game winning it with brains . And then I orgnised one of the best HW tourny called *CRAZY JOKERZ* many seasons and it get succeeded everytime.what was the reason behind it success ?? And every successful tourney orgnised by many managers ? Elite TRAITS ? No PC ? NO Buying finnace with money ? NO And many more features which is tottaly lead us to think *PAYTOWIN* Game .. I mean every good game has something to offer us with real money . And buying crs and muskteers I mean here is my example that my team never got empty with crs and muskteers .I never played as non musky manager or there is no day in my 3 year of career where I had no crs in account . Cuz buying for something u like something to play is worth buying.I was always ready to spent as much possible for he cuz that was fare . But >>>> Now.. how simple is that. I can say easily that it's a Pay to win game. How simple is that.everyone knows . If I have money I can win premier . If I have money I can win Ic cup. If I have money I can win worldcup. If I have money I can beat any team. So hard work is nothing nowdays. Only money talks. Then I miss old days when a mangers used to spend hours to make stratgies for beating another team. And now just everything is instant .. That * instant * is made this game just like another game getting ignored in play store. I feel like crying when I miss old HW, old days. And when I see forum UT's .. there is nothing left. Like I said . I'm always ready to spent to buy crs and muskteers and everyone knows how much jokerz tourney spent around with my own pocket . Because that was the features to play only and Not to win... I don't know what devs thinking and where is kashyap himself. But they are just killing the HW. Many old HW mangers I know more than 20+ who are selling the accounts and quitting . And many are there who already left. And many are planning to left. I mean can't u guyz notice these things?? Don't u guyz check ur HW official fb group ? Don't u guyz notice forum these days? I mean where are u leading this game ? U simply runing everything in just making it paytowin game.. I now myself thinking to quit the game .cuz First thing . I don't like games where u have to pay for winning. 2nd. My big inspirations was UT'S and cuz of that new features UT's are dead. 3rd. My all.old friends are left nothing here left. I request kashyap to plz take a notice don't just see how many new users coming also check how many old and paid users are leaving . New users joining doesn't mean they will play. There are some multies . Some new users make account then leave it. Old users are so important to promote ur game. If old users left then how u gonna permote a game to newbies.?? Kashyap for the last time consider what's happening and make it a fare game like before. Otherwise I'm done. And many are done already . I don't know if I get banned or what after this. I don't care. Cuz banning me I'll b thanking u for removing my account as I might leave in few dayz.just wait to see if I get any response on that post . U make money . We have no problem with that. But please at least make it a fare game. Increase the crs rate musky rate no problem. But plz kill that paytowin features for ur and All sake. Let me know what other managers think of this .u can feel free to comment below. Signing off Aqeel raja

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U r absolutely correct aqeel bro. Even i remember my first win uts I was overjoyed for almost a week. Those we were playing 4-5 uts in a single day and waiting for onother one to start. But now playing only for friends not for fun. even im leaving uts after this ipl Rip hw.
10 months ago
Div VI
Sir AQeel_Raja (jokerz01) kharian # 2
yeh I know bro we we're together everywhere playing and not getting tired. that's the only point we wanna know why these fun and joy are vanished . there is reason . and hw not seeing this .
10 months ago
Div II
Sir Param_Saini (Punjabi power) Jalandhar # 3
You are very right brother ... the new features made it pay2win and hence UTs is almost dead now .. earlier we had soo many UTs running but now hardly any I see running and getting completed ... the reason is simple people do not want to waste time where 2nd team will come and spend 1000-2000rs and win ... it's no more a strategic game as u said ... it's the person who was more money will win.... There are different types of users that HW forgot in recent past ... They are just targeting one kind of users ... I hope it is an eye opener for CEO of company, afterall it's his brain child
10 months ago
Div VI
Sir AQeel_Raja (jokerz01) kharian # 4
Param_Saini - u r right param bro. that what point is. I dunno if Hw wants Hw to b ruined for a reason. which already happening .I dunno on which base they bringing these ideas of pay2win features. it totally destroying the excitement .I dunno when they gonna realise .
10 months ago
Do u think tat dey will consider abt tis :p they will be thinking abt introducing another new feature to make more profit....
10 months ago
Div VI
Sir AQeel_Raja (jokerz01) kharian # 6
CAPTAINJACK - right bro. I know that this post is just waste of words for them . but I had to write it down. they will b thinking to introduce new feature like buy a Titan /Titan player for 5000k :p
10 months ago
AQeel_Raja - good work aqeel
10 months ago
AQeel_Raja - I told this very same thing in hw official FB page as soon as I played my first UT after traits were introduced last May. Devs and moderators scolded me. Some adviced me and some defended HW. Now everyone can see this closure of UTs happening before their eyes. That time none joined me for the protest. I'm with you on this now bro. I m playing this game from January 2015. Joined along with friends.. now none there because of these money updates.
10 months ago
Attitude of devs and mods changed a lot...they wont accept any bugs or issues at any time no point in explaining this to them...all they want is business and they  will do any shit for it..They started blocking people on facebook HW official page if you say this explaing that new bees are leaving game on seeing those posts..So its time to quit and move on...They did all this like slow poison..first introduced traits with experience cap and then removed experience caps for it and then bought victory kits with limit and now that limit is also reduced a lot...all they want is to suck money from us and give nothing in return...For IOS uses its still bad ...we cant even see group stage features update of IOS of IC even after its completed and no tab for sucks now a one is interested to spend anything for it now..
10 months ago
Div V
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 10
AQeel_Raja - Good post bro
10 months ago
Div VI
Aadil Modi (Kingsthan) Jodhpur # 11
AQeel_Raja - Moreover they had removed my team and made it as a bot. It's had taken so much time of mine to play and win. But why this happened. U all can check it previous team id- 135160. Assalamualaikum Aqeel Sir. Thanks for help.
10 months ago

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