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First Interview with Sir SD - The very first Head Coach of India

by Rodimus Prime (XYXI) 8 months ago

Here is a short discussion-cum-interview that we did with our HC after winning the India Cup finals:


Q. 1) What's your personal mantra?

Sir SD: Be good. Do good. Stay calm always!

Q: 2) What can India do to become a good sporting nation in Hitwicket?

Sir SD: Players are pivot in this game. And managers are the inventory. Only good managers can’t do anything without good players. Only good players can’t weave magic without smart managers who can adapt to any given situations. A combination of the two is what will bring success.

Q: 3) Any tips for the next IC?

Sir SD: Challenge your thought processes, and train your players hard without breaks. Not even during Season Breaks!

Q: 4) How many times have you changed the starting line-up?

Sir SD: Every match has a different story to tell. We did not have any fixed “preferred” line-up. We changed in every match. Just that one match against TN during the group stages where our changed line-up wasn’t saved, is where we played with the previous match’s default-saved line-up.

Q: 5) Do you think something changed in terms of your profile after winning the final against Mizoram?

Sir SD: Personally, no. But of course, yes, in terms of the achievement. Being a Tripura HC is always challenging in terms of what’s said during pre-elections, and what’s done in real-time. I am happy that I stood up to all expectations, my beliefs, and the resultant of our combined efforts, monetary, and non-monetary.

Q: 6) Do you owe this to someone? Is there one person that you would say is responsible for you leading India in world Cup?

Sir SD: To all managers who have fixated their confidence on me. To all the Tripuris, within whom we ran a poll on “Who would you support for the next HC”. More than 92% Tripuris voted for me which has given me a great boost. To my management team, who had worked days and nights together, brainstorming the various strategies, and to all the Camp managers who trained their player so well, that along with the PCs, they could be made the beasts that they are today.

If I must name one person who is responsible for me leading India in the WC, it must be Sir SC. Without his continued baseless hatred towards me, I would never have had the zeal to spend in the game. It is his meaningless and reasonless hatred that gave me the pursuance to achieve more out of a game, which was rather just a tool of pastime for me back in July 2013. But ever since his personal attacks started raining on me back in Nov 2013, I was determined. But I had to start on a small scale that went on to the level that it is today. Being a rebel all my life, I was never interested in being a U20 champion or a premier achiever, I had to try something different. But, I will keep that entire incident and the series of incidents that followed, for a different date & time.

Q: 7) How was the feeling of the dressing room after becoming champions of India?

Sir SD: Unbelievable. Frankly, I was quite nervous. The amount of runs that they posted did not bother me much. But after losing two quick wickets, the entire dressing room needed a doctor to be called upon. After the win, the joy was double the tension that we faced in the previous 56 minutes.

Q: 8)
There are thousands of people who want to be HC of India. What are the top talks would you like to tell those people?

Sir SD: Nothing beats the combined energy of pure passion, untiring dedication, and like-minded colleagues.

Q: 9) How did you handle 3-4 pressures at a same time! One is your region in world cup! The other is your team in HPL! And the personal team of yours which is performing in the league stages!?

Sir SD: As I said, HPL etc was never my focus area. Since the day I was determined to do something for Tripura, the various other events like League Matches, HPL, U20, everything took a backstage. And I am thankful to the Almighty that every piece fell in their respective places as we started our journey since Nov 2013, till today. Yes, there was pressure, but not to be league champion, but achieve the BIG TRIPURA DREAM. The pressure was not laid on me by anybody, but myself. And I am thankful that I got a team of superb achievers in their own educational fields to have the kind of sharpness in their minds who took much of the pressure off me, and I was contented with their thoughts.

Q: 10) The biggest thing about world cup is that it's happening in India itself! So can we watch a replay of 2011 in 2018 Hitwicket as well?

Sir SD: The two are totally different things. But yes, anything is possible. So, keep your faith, and trust in truths.

Q: 11) Who are the players from Tripura who you think are capable for India!

Sir SD: There are many. But, we do not know the details yet as no formal announcement have been made.


Thank you, SD Sir, for your time. We have a lot more to ask you, but will keep it for another day. All the very Best to you and your management team, for the upcoming World Cup where you’ll be India HC.

Sir SD: Thanks!


That’s all for today, folks!

To Be continued...

*** This interview had been planned, executed, and compiled by Udit Parakh (PRO for Tripura) ***

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Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1
Thanks Udit. Thanks Sandy for being able to post it after numerous failed attempts through app :P
8 months ago
Div VI
Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 2
Very nice
8 months ago
Div IV
Sir Kamran Dhedhi (Dhedhi XI) Karachi # 3
SD - Really Great!  My Best Wishes for your all future prospect in Hitwicket as well as real life :)
8 months ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 4
Mohtshim Kamran Dhedhi - Thank you :)
8 months ago
Div VI
Sagar Talukder (Devil Blower) Agartala # 5
So good to read, an interview of a man who has redefined Hitwicket.
8 months ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 6
Thanks everyone!
8 months ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 7
I believe I have done justice to the trust of my motherland, and worked as best as I could. The result is in front of everyone :) From rank below 25 (In India) to Rank 1 in India. Thanks to Siladitya, Eemran, Sagar, Sandy, Mohtshim, Umme Farwa, Rahul Bhaskaran, Rahul Mohapatra, Debnil Guha, Sayak Ganguly.
And a lot of other Camp managers.

Last, but not the least, an advice to stay away from color-changers like Amber Deshmukh, Prashant Saykar, two-faced SCs, and other haters. May God bless you all! Bye.
8 months ago
Div IV
krishna18 (vamshi warriors) Bangalore # 8
SD - great job SD bro u deserve to be HC of our country 
8 months ago

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