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Unable to open any match link (web)

by Sir Poker Face (Thundering Titans) 8 months ago
If i click on any match link, i get an error page

Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed

Tried clearing cookies and cache. But doesnt help. Strangely I am able to open the match page if i am not logged in.
None of the matches open, U20,WC, Completed matches, upcoming matches

Because of this I am unable to reschedule my upcoming league matches. Kindly resolve this.


Strangely none of the others i checked with, have this problem. :-(

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Updated at: 23-04-2018

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Now unable to open any link on web...same links work whn I am not logged in.

HW website 
My team page 
My players page 

Nothing works when i am logged in.

Edit : This is solved now. But the original issue still exists.
8 months ago
I cant reschedule my match
Cannot check opponent's matches and plan lineups

Everything except match links are working. Please resolve asap
8 months ago
Now app is behaving weird too.

Training page opens, but cant choose next match for scheduling
Elite academy
Player coach opens, cannot change player

These dont work, it gives a "Something went wrong, please try again later" error.

Strangely none of the others i checked with, have this problem. :-(
8 months ago
App is ok for now...but original issue still exists
8 months ago
it is bug
8 months ago
Last Opponent - are you also facing the same issue?
8 months ago
Poker Face - no issue for me, it happens sometimes that it gives error
8 months ago
Div V
Manager007 (SUPER KIDS) Kochi # 8
I have the same issue with match details page for the last 4-5 days.


Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed

8 months ago
Manager007 - Cool...I am not the only one facing this issue then
8 months ago
Seems to be working now. I will keep the bug report open for a couple of days more and close if i dont see this issue again
8 months ago

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