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Stars not increasing after experience pop.

by Sir Drgoku_Retired (Manapouri Marauders) 8 months ago
Two of my players popped up in experience yesterday after challenge matches. (1) - he popped from Masterful to Supreme. He was 21.85 in masterful. He should be 22.04 in supreme. But app is still showing as 21.85 (2) - he popped from Supreme to Magical. He was 11.93 in supreme. He should be 12.03 in magical. But app is still showing as 11.93 Please fix this bug soon. I think challenge match pop ups are not being accounted for in this stars calculation.

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Fuck hitwicket gandu Newcastle upon Tyne # 1
Lund le lo bund men .gandu
8 months ago
Bumping up. Need answers.
8 months ago
Two more players popped up in experience today after league match experience boost. Their stars have also not increased. 3) He was 16.47 when at magnificent experience. He popped to masterful. He must be 16.61 stars. But still at 16.47 stars. 4) He was 7.72 stars when at brilliant experience. He popped to Exemplary. He must be 7.79 stars but still at 7.72. So I guess issue is not limited to challenge match experience pop ups. All are impacted. Not sure if this is only a display bug or even match engine would be impacted. Can you please check.
8 months ago
Bumping up to get an answer
8 months ago
No responses yet . Bumping up for answers.
8 months ago
8 days passed. Still not resolved and no responses yet.
8 months ago
10 Dayz. Not fixed. No reply.
8 months ago
Bumping up. Any update on this?
8 months ago
Another of my player is impacted. He popped up after yesterday's league match and did not get star increase. He was 21.54 and masterful. He popped to Supreme. He should become 21.73. But he is still 21.54.
8 months ago
Not sure if I should even bother reporting bugs anymore if no one is even gonna respond. I guess I am the idiot for spending money + time here and hoping for a solid support.
7 months ago
I don't even check all this! :o
I guess I should now on

7 months ago

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