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Asst Coach/PRO/Pitch/Player selection

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 43 months ago

The process will begin on 20/03/2018 at 1 PM and ends at 23/03/2018 at 9:00 PM.


  • Selection of Assistant Coach and Public Relations Officer: interested users who are above MRP level 10 are eligible for this process. They can apply for the staff positions by visiting the link, then navigate to the ‘Teams’ section, then select the team by selecting the region and then click on the button “Apply for AC” or “Apply for PRO”.
    The Head Coach will have the option to accept or reject the proposals from the page
    A team can have a maximum of 3 Assistant Coaches, 1 PRO and 1 Head Coach.
    The link will be functional once the results are out.

  • PRO Powers:

    • Can upload team’s logo

    • Can update team’s motto

    • Help Head Coach (HC) in finding players for the team

  • Assistant Coach Powers:

    • Has all the powers of PRO

    • Can hire and fire players from the team

    • Can change pitch type

  • Head Coach Powers:

    • Has all the powers of Assistant Coach (AC)

    • Can hire and fire staff members

    • Can set lineup for matches
  • Squad Selection:

    • A team can have a maximum of 25 players in a squad

    • A team can select players only from the team’s region

    • Squad players can be changed till the deadline ends. Once the deadline is over, the squad players cannot be changed

    • Players cannot be fired once the deadline is over.

    • There should be minimum 11 players in the squad for the HC or AC to fire players.
  • Pitch:

    • There are 5 types of pitches available:

      • Green Wicket

      • Flat Wicket

      • Sporting Wicket

      • Crumbling Wicket

      • Custom Wicket: custom wicket will have to be modified according to the team needs by the HC or AC

    • Pitch can be changed any number of times until the deadline is over. The pitch will be locked once the deadline is over.

    • By default, Sporting Wicket is selected for all the teams.

  • Setting Lineup:
    Head Coach can set the lineup for the match once the deadline is over i.e after 23/03/2018 9:00 PM IST.
    The lineup can be set from web portal as well as app. For setting lineup, the HC will have to open the match from the fixtures of the team and the click on ‘Set Lineup’ button.
    The lineup will be locked 1 hour before the match is scheduled to begin.

  • Fitness and form of players: the fitness and form of the players will be their original fitness and form as they are in Hitwicket. World Cup will not affect their form and fitness separately.

  • General Guidelines:

    • The team logo and motto should not contain any inappropriate content
    • A proper decorum should be maintained within the team and with the staff members

    • Any team is strictly prohibited from indulging in any kind of match fixing and are requested to report to the admins if they receive any offers from any user which are against the ethics of the game

    • Admins hold the rights to take appropriate action if any rule is violated



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Rohan virar # 101
join my alliance
43 months ago
why i m not able to change squad fir f5 arena
43 months ago
this game is just getting worse day by day
43 months ago
someone plz give solution this issue
43 months ago
or many of us will need to give negative reviews and rating to the game and uninstall it
43 months ago
SCORPION WARRIORS - ask players manager's to improve there fitness
43 months ago
Div IV
Shivaprasa (SP XI NARAVI) Bengaluru # 107
Parth - even i cant do the change.. dont know wat 2 do?
43 months ago
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