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[Elections] () Karnataka: San Nayak

by San Nayak (karunadu kannada) 46 months ago

Hello my dear friend , I am here to request you to give me a opportunity to make my state proud by giving my complete tactical mind and do whatever possible to win.I am not going to let u guys down ,plz trust me I will give whatever it takes to win. I am well experienced in this game and I can make good strategy to plz vote for me. Thanks

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Whole Karnataka community preetham na HC madbeku antha decide madidare so snehithare pls support preetham. Preetham na gelsi. Thumba ne kelsa madidivi state team koskara inn mundhe nu madtivi. Nim ashirvadha nam mele sadha irli #preetham4karnataka #jaikarnataka #jaihind
46 months ago
krishna18 - namgu ondu chance kode, navu complete effort haktivi , vote for me
46 months ago
All Karnataka community muniswamy ge Head Coach madbeku antha decide madidare so geleyare pls support muniswamy
#jai #jai hind # jai karnataka
46 months ago

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