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by Preetam (Karnataka Rocker) 45 months ago
Hai Friends I'm Preetam Nayak From KARNATAKA I'm standing for HC elections of Karnataka. Would like all my region mates along with others to vote and support me throughout the tournament.

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45 months ago
Whole Karnataka community preetham na HC madbeku antha decide madidare so snehithare pls support preetham. Preetham na gelsi. Thumba ne kelsa madidivi state team koskara inn mundhe nu madtivi. Nim ashirvadha nam mele sadha irli #preetham4karnataka #jaikarnataka #jaihind
45 months ago
Deserving HC this tym vote for him #preetham4karnataka. Jai karnataka
45 months ago
good luck
45 months ago
My bonus vote for preetham
45 months ago
Div V
Boomboom12345 (SCC XI) Bangalore # 7
45 months ago
Kiran (Kiran143 XI) Bangalore # 8
Preetam - Good luck my friend
45 months ago
Div V
Boomboom12345 (SCC XI) Bangalore # 9
Kiran - Please cast your regional vote to #Preetham4Karnataka
45 months ago
Karnataka frnds regional vote to preetham and other frnds bonus vote to preetham
45 months ago

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