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by Ricardo Mitchell (Rudimo) 38 months ago
Too many managers are ignoring their basic responsibility in an alliance.  In real life scenarios this would be similar to a company ignoring social cooperate responsibilities which negatively impacts the company. As a result, these new rules will enhance participation and encourage new and old managers to be active and also honor their commitments.

(1) The first rule is that all managers must agree to pay a fine or exit an alliance group for inactivity 
(2) If a manager fail to join a squad or select a match  for whatever reason they should pay a fine of 400,000
(3) Fail to set a line up will result in a fine of 200,000
(4) Miss three consecutive matches will result in a fine of 1,000,000 and automatic ejection from an alliance. If that manager owns the alliance, the second in charge will automatically assume ownership even if the original manager rejion. 
(5) All ejected members will have to pay a re entry fee of 500,000  or join another alliance for free with a defaulter flag place beside their names (only good behavior in a n alliance can remove the flag or pay 2 credits).
(6) Every manager who is not part of an alliance but are eligible will have to pay a weekly fee of 600,000
(7) Any manager who leaks match tactics to an opponent will be fined 10,000,000 and ejection from an alliance.
(8) Fail to communicate with alliance members will result in a fine of 50,000
(9) Fail to report on a members conduct will result in a fine of 300,000
(10) vent or express dissatisfaction which goes against the rules  will result in a fine of 100,000

All appeal must be file to HCC members or the support group of hitwicket 

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