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VPVS presents HW Cricket league

by AMFA32 87 months ago
VPVS presents HW Cricket league Round 1 Points Table

* Top 2 Teams will Qualify for Round 2
* Bottom 2 Teams will Play for the Places 9 to 16


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Fcc Post New Delhi, India # 143
Sumit Sachinist (STS STRIKERZZ)
its something in tamil, which means young have energy or something :p
86 months ago
Toby Hirst Leeds # 144
@Fcc Post

no, i joined the HitWicket group after it started.

How do you tag people in comments? :O
86 months ago
Fcc Post New Delhi, India # 145
Toby Hirst (Super Sixers XI)

Just Copy paste the Name along with team name in brackets from previous comment
86 months ago
Toby Hirst Leeds # 146
Fcc Post (Team FCC)

Testing... it works! :D

Are you participating in this tournament the next time it comes around?!
86 months ago
Today's game was a good one for me!" hope my team does well in the remaining games! :p
86 months ago
Still Favourites to win this tourney are AMFA32 (CRICMATEZ) and Ishank Maurya (Blasters India) :p
86 months ago
And Yea This Tourney Is Amazing!! Hats Off To AMFA32 (CRICMATEZ) for organising it in such a beautiful manner :) (y)
86 months ago
DeactivatedUser Hyderabad # 150
I Lost a Bounty Match :3 Fuck I Lost Money :P
86 months ago
nd i won ^ :P against srinath ! :p
86 months ago
am a favorite too :P Murtaza Alvi
86 months ago
Anish Jr. Ajr Trivandrum # 153
Unofficial knockout Tournament..........

pls do participate
86 months ago
DeactivatedUser Hyderabad # 154
2nd Round Is Damn Tough... Tougher Than Frst Round :\

86 months ago
86 months ago
Blaster India, why u no loose?
86 months ago
getting all d updates, but not in league, so irritating -_-
86 months ago
I too want to join this league. . AMD make space for me plz
86 months ago
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