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short tourney - 450k & 650k

by wrestler (K A A L A) 12 months ago
Teams, available for next 48 hours are welcome to participate. .  #Prizes :  Champion- 10c  Runner up- 6c .#Reg : 2c#Tourney Format :  *Knockout  *8 teams #Rules :  1.All matches will be 1c normal bet match.  2.Pitch- All boost 110 110 110  3.Loan Not Allowed. 4-only 2 players allowed btn 5-15k.. no player below 5k..5.Winning team will be responsible to post the match link in the forum. .  6.Orgy will make the final decision in case of any confusion.  7.Fixture will be made by using fixture app & video will be shared on whatsapp...   450k1. the matrix2. dream killers3. flying starz4. shakib 75 5. channai super Kings6. kaala 7. Axehunter 8. flat track strikers 650k1. veera thopulu2. dashing riders3. black ice xi4. flat track strikers5. Axehunter 6.DVNSM

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Div V
Sir reddysri (channai superkings) Visakhapatnam # 22
wrestler - ok
11 months ago
Nithish pnr Pritam Last Opponent AxeHorroR - will wait till evening.. if i cant find enough teams can we start with six teams?
11 months ago
need 2 more teams in 650k
11 months ago
11 months ago
wrestler - start with 2 groups of 3 teams
11 months ago
Last Opponent - u have to play more matches if starting with 6 teams.. letme ask others also
11 months ago
wrestler - Add me. Sent 2 cr
11 months ago
11 months ago
Yasir Arafath - sry just now closed and returned all credits.. will return ur credits also..will notify u next time

11 months ago
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