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****Football Fantasy League ****Season 2

by Dinesh magnani (Dinezmob XI) 52 months ago

Football Fantasy League  2

Auction Based Tournament 

*Leader can bring max 2 players in any level at cost of 2*base price of that level

    This is the Tournament with connect Football to HW World.    
Lets Enjoy & Lets Football    

sponsors till now

Param 10cr

Swappy 10cr

Jitu 10cr

Dinesh 10cr
Ankit 5cr

In tourney 8 clans playing with 11 players in each clan. 
Whole group format each team have to play another 7 teams once on full boost pitch     
and top 4 teams playing round like IPL.1 vs 2 winner going in final.3 vs 4 loser will be    
eliminated and winner will play against loser of first match and then winner going in final.   

TSI levels :-
L1 200k
L2 400k
L3 500k
L4 550k
L5 600k
L6 700k
L7 800k
L8 900k
L9 1000k
L10 1100k
L11 1200k

               *If we dont get exact teams we will change the tsi levels

Every Sunday and Wednesday 8k increment in tsi ( no increment for 200k players)


Points System / Goals Count :- 
Fifty by batsman- 1 goal   
Century- 2 goals   
wkt haul- 1 goal   
wkt haul- 2 goals   
Match win- 2 goals   
Bye points in normal match 8 goals   

Power Cards:-          
1) goal keeper ( in this match opponents goals not counts only your goals counts) goal keeper going to save goals          
2) off side card( in this match opponents half goals not counts because they gone offside)          
3) yellow card ( yellow card means warning in football so opponent will play fare and by using this card your chance of goals increase so by using this your goals counts double)          
4) red card ( by using this card you can block any player from opponent team he will drop that player in match)          


Card declaration will be based on Toss     
Card declare deadline is 2pm match day if any leader not online then anyone from clan can declare cards in forum.          
If you not declared cards in forum before deadline then you have to play without cards and that cards expires.  

Till final you get 4 cards for each series. If not used cards in that series then cards not going to Cary forward.         

Each clan get 4 ABC ( anti bye cards) for whole tourney before final(Except Finals). in final all ABC cards expires.        
ABC card:- On any kind of bye you can use ABC card and fix rematch on next day. if any team used any card in match then in rematch also that card is valid.       

Bye Points :-
Bye points in normal match 8 goals   
If opponent used GK card and you got bye then both 0-0 goals   
If you used GK card and got bye then you get 8 goals   
If you used yellow card and got bye then 12 goals to you.   
If opponent used yellow card and you got bye then 8 goals to you.   
If opponent used offside card and you got bye then 4 goals.   
If you used offside card and got bye then you get 8 goals.    

Note : -     
     No loan allowed in whole tourney if used loan  then bye to opponent.     
Replacement:- replaced team have to play with base tsi in whole tourney no increment for replaced team.    if player given atleast one bye that player only allowed to replace. 

General Rules :-       
1)Normal dummy rule there ( max 2 players allowed 5k to 15k tsi and no player bellow 5k )  for 200k level no dummy rule     
2)Captain mode not allowed       
3)Deadline to send request is 9:30pm and accept 11:30pm match day.( if not send or accept within deadline then bye to opponent)       
4)All Matches are 1c bet matches.       
                                  Organizing committee decision will be final on any dispute
Registration & Prize       
Reg:-  2cr for normal player 3cr for leader

pay reg fee here       


********To be decided********

Theme Song       
Enjoy tourney song :P     
Dinesh (organiser)


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add me in 500k
52 months ago
add me in 700k
52 months ago
Add me L5
52 months ago
Abir Hasan - Actually, I think one of my friend had already registered as leader so may be its just gonna be a swap of positions n  i m not sure :P 
52 months ago
slots fill till now

l1- 8 full
l2- 8 full
l3- 5 need 3 teams
l4- 5 need 3 teams
l5- 8 full
l6- 6 need 2 teams
l7- 7 need 1 team
l8- 6 need 2 teams
l9- 5 need 3 teams
l10- 6 need 2 teams
l11- 8 full

bring teams guys so we can start tourney soon
52 months ago
Add me in 400k
52 months ago
Murali Ram (TN13) Tiruchirappalli, India # 121
Cards from Clan name: chelsea Yellow card Level: 800k Gk card Level: 550k Offside card Level: 900k Red card Level: 1000k Player link:
51 months ago
55.5 - 26
L1 (6-4)

L2 (2-6)

L3 (2-12)

L4 (6-0)

L5 (6-1)

L6 (0-1)


L8 (3.5-0)

L9 (18-0)

L10 (7-2)

L11 (1-0)
51 months ago
L1 East bengal fc claiming bye. Offside Card used by East Benagl Fc (8-0)
L2  Goalkeeper Card by East bengal fc (4-0)
L3 yellow Card by east bengal fc (12-0)
L4 yellow card by killer squad (0-14)
L5 red card by east bengal (6-1)
L6 goal keeper card by killer squad (0-0)
L7  offside card by killer squad (3.5-0)
L8 (4-0)
L9  red card by killer squad (1-5)
L10 (5-1)
L11 (3-2)

East Bengal FC - 45.5 , Killer Squad - 23
51 months ago
Tsi today
L1 200k
L2 424k
L3 524k
L4 574k
L5 624k
L6 724k
L7 824k
L8 924k
L9 1024k
L10 1124k
L11 1224k
51 months ago
Nithish pnr (down to the earth) Hyderabad # 156
Cards from Clan name: Chelsea FC Yellow card Level: 700k Gk card Level:400k Offside card Level: 550k Red card Level:600k Link: cards from killer squad FC Yellow card Level: 1000k Gk card Level:800k Offside card Level: 1200k Red card Level:500k Link:
51 months ago
Div IV
Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 198
Dinesh magnani - Next 9 days and 9 hours in voting so it is not good shifting of matches from Sunday to Monday
51 months ago
ATB for the Finals to both clans.. may the best clan (RMFC) wins.. :P :D
51 months ago

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