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Fantasy Super League Season 3

by Ankit (Lightning Strikers) 13 months ago

Hola Managers! 
 After giving Two successive Season in 2017, We are back for the most Exciting and Entertaining Unofficial Tournament of 2018 called Fantasy Super League (Season 3). We earned so much success in Previous Two Season because of the "Unique Format" and "One-of-a-kind" Tournament ever, It's all because of your response guys. That's why we are making this tournament bigger then the every previous season.

The Tournament is presented to you by Two Experience Manager of Hitwicket, You know them very well when it's comes to Unofficial Tournament as they organised very successful Tournament not only Fantasy Super League but also Champions Premier League (By Prakhar Gupta) and 5 Seasons of Hitwicket Champions League (By Ankit Verma). 
*Note- Please read one and each line written below very carefully otherwise you couldn't understand the beauty of this Tournament, It maybe lengthy but worth to read it and the more you able to know this tournament the more you like this. 

CRUEL GAMERS Clan leded by Nithish Pnr (Down to the Earth), (675986)
Co-Leader :-
C Moses (Orange Army Team), (751494)
Members :-
Rose Chowdhury (Rose Axes), (343741)
Ayrus (Drogon), (991)

Ankit Verma (Lightning Strikers)

Prakhar Gupta (Gupta XI Club)

Zeeshan (Znd's XI)

Surya (Surat Supernovas)- 400 Rs

Nithish pnr (Veera Thopulu)- 2 Credits

Previous Season's
Season 1 Winner
SOUL GODS Clan leded by Hari Krishnan (Rounds 11), (2576)
Tony Charlse (Killer Gang 6751), (465952)
MSD (Ranchi Super Kings 738), (639146)
Lemurian (Lemurian Pistons), (254860)

Season 2 Winner
CRUEL GAMERS Clan leded by Nithish Pnr (Veera Thopulu), (675986)
Smar Titan King (Furious Spartans), (665107)
Aavengerr (Eligant Fighters), (745369)
Yash Wanth (Telengana Renegades), (923019)

The tournament is totally clan based tournament with Tuesday Friendly Match (No Credit Needed), There will be 1 Leader and 3 Members in a Clan, So Total 4 teams per clan. 

Leader have to buy 3 teams for his clan through Auction which is held over WhatsApp, They can also make a Co-leader who can maintain the clan after the absence of Leader. 

After the completion of Auction, Leader have to submit their 20 Players Squad with 5 Players from all the 4 teams of the clan, They can submit their squad only 3 times in the whole Tournament, First, Before the start of Group Matches, Second, After the 5 Rounds and Third, After the completion of Group stages or before the Playoffs.

There will be Total 10 Clans and 9 Rounds in the Group Stages, All Clan will face each other once and the Top 4 team will go to Play-Off.

Leader have to choose their Playing XI for every Round, Points will be given to all the selected (Playing XI) Players, But remember, You can choose only 3 players from any three team and 2 players from any one team of your Clan which will constitute Playing XI of that Round.

You can change your Playing XI every week according to form, fitness or whatever reason you think.

You have to select 5 players who can bat, 5 players who can bowl and one Wicketkeeper in your Playing XI, If you want to select any player as a All-rounder then that player have to be at least 7 star in both batting and bowling department.

You can select a captain of your XI, Captain will get double points in match.

If any of your bought team become inactive in Tournament then we will give you same strength replacement team, In any case if we unable to find any replacement on time then we will give the Average points to that and opponent both team based on their previous performance of the Tournament. 

Leader- 200 Rs or 2000 Hitcoins
Co-Leader- 90 Rs or 900 Hitcoins
Members- 60 Rs or 600 Hitcoins each

Leader- 120 Rs or 1200 Hitcoins
Co-Leader- 60 Rs or 600 Hitcoins
Members- 40 Rs or 400 Hitcoins each

Leader- 60 Rs or 600 Hitcoins
Co-Leader- 40 Rs or 400 Hitcoins
Members- 30 Rs or 300 Hitcoins each

Leader- 40 Rs or 400 Hitcoins
Co-Leader / Members- 20 Rs or 200 Hitcoins each

10 to 19 Runs= 1 Point
20 to 29 Runs= 2 Points 
30 to 39 Runs= 3 Points 
 And So On........ 

1 Wicket= 2 Points 
2 Wickets= 4 Points 
3 Wickets= 6 Points 
And So On........ 

1 Point per Catches 
2 Points per Stumps 
2 Points per Run-out 

50's= 2 Points 
100's= 5 Points 
150's= 7 Points 
200's= 10 Points 
4 Wickets Haul= 2 Points 
5 Wickets Haul= 3 Points 
More then 5 Wickets= 5 Points 
3 Catches by a Player= 3 Points 
5 or More Catches by a Player= 5 Points 
3 or More Stumps= 5 Points 
3 or More Run-out= 5 Points 

Duck= -3 Points 
Golden Duck= -5 Points 
Economy 10 or More= -3 Points 
Economy 15 or More= -5 Points 
Drop Catches= -2 Points 
For Not Giving Limited Overs to Bowlers= -5 Points per Player 
For Not Giving Wicket-keeping to the selected Player= -5 Points 

Those who want to register for this Tournament have to comment "Add me as a Leader/Member"
Registration Fees for Leader- 30rs. through PayTm or (3 Credits)
Registration Fees for Member- 10rs through PayTm or (1 Credit)
Registration will start from 1 January 2018 to 7 January 2018.
For registration, You can pay through PayTm on this Mobile number- +91-9015703335
If you want to Pay through Credit you can transfer Credit on this Team ID- 

WhatsApp or Facebook is mandatory to interact with Leaders/Members. 

Home team have to send challenge before Thursday 9pm and they also have to share screenshot of Sent Challenges to their Leader.

Away team have to accept challenge before Saturday 9pm and they also have to share screenshot of Match Link to their Leader. 

Leader have to provide Screenshot to us before deadlines otherwise (-5) Points per match penalty will be given to the Clan. 

Leader have to submit Playing XI before Sunday 9pm otherwise (-20) points Penalty will be given to their Clan.

You can send Non Bet Challenge also to your opponent, Deadline of submitting screenshot of sent challenge is Monday only, Penalty for this is (-5).

Timing of Non Bet Challenges should be between 7 to 8 PM, Tuesday and Timing of other Friendly Matches should be between 4 to 8 PM, Tuesday, Penalty is (-5).

Opponent have to submit Match link of Non Bet Challenge before Tuesday 6 PM, Penalty for this is (-5).

It's compulsory to give Minimum 2 overs bowling to the Bowler and Minimum 1 over Bowling to All-rounder of your Playing XI, Penalty for not giving limited overs is (-5).

No Loan Players Allowed, Penalty for Loan Players is (-10).

If any of your Playing XI Player are not in the Squad or not playing after selection then he will get (0) Points, No Penalty for this.

January, 1= Registration Start & Pre-registered team will start giving Tournament Fees.
January, 7= Registration Close
January, 13= Auction
January, 16= Practice Match (Within Clan)
January, 17 to 21= Submission of 20 Players squad
January, 23= Matches of Round 1
January, 30= Matches of Round 2
February, 6= Matches of Round 3
February, 13= Matches of Round 4
February, 20=  Matches of Round 5
February, 21 to 24= Replace/Add of 20 Players Squad
February, 27= Matches of Round 6
March, 6= Matches of Round 7
March, 13= Matches of Round 8
March, 20= Matches of Round 9
March, 21 to 24= Replace/Add of 20 Players Squad
March, 27= Playoff-1 and Eliminator
April, 3= Playoff-2
April, 10= THE FINAL

Sheet 1- Team Details
Sheet 2- Fixtures
Sheet 3- Playing XI
Sheet 4- 20 Players Squad
Sheet 5- Points Table 


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Fsl-4 registration have started for all.. kindly register yourself before the slots get full
9 months ago
Div IV
C MOSES (ORANGE ARMY team) Telangana # 367
what happened season 4 forum post closed ?
9 months ago
Div V
Zeeshan Darediya (ZND'S XI) Gandhinagar # 368
C MOSES - We have postponed the registrations for a day or two .Sorry for inconvenience. Please stay connected for updates .
9 months ago
Div IV
C MOSES (ORANGE ARMY team) Telangana # 369
Zeeshan Darediya - ok bro
9 months ago
9 months ago
vijay singi (vijay singi) Darwha # 371
Add me
9 months ago
vijay singi - This Tournament ends now Comment on the Next Tournament Forum Link given above
9 months ago one member needed for alliance. Anyone interested, join fast..
9 months ago

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