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Seeking A Strong, Active & Cooperative Alliance To Join !!

by Mr Virus Ayaan_Khan (Freaks And Geeks) 40 months ago
 Hi friends..!! 
 I want to join an alliance which is at least Prodigious/Fantastic Level...
 My team's I.D. is 549999..

  Most importantly, it should have friendly members..
  Members of my previous alliance were too arrogant,
 i was fed up bcoz of their non- responsiveness that i resigned..

 So i am seeking for a fairly cooperative environment.. Thank You.. :)

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Searching for a new team for my alliance
Preferably spin trainer

3 conditions
1. Should have whatsapp
2. Shud b active
3. Ready to play at any pitch as per strategy
40 months ago
Dr House - Alliance level ?
40 months ago

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