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urgent help or answres required

by 'chirag Sareen (Walking Death) 40 months ago
Hi HW im hear because im fedup.of send emsils to you guys & nog getting any relly or solution from you from a very long time (( IM HERE JUST BECAUSE OF YOUR NON RESPONSIV NSTURE OF MY COMPLAINTS OTHERWISE I LOVE YOU GUYS & LOVE THIS GSNE VERY MUCH )) Im having the same issues again & again but you guys aren't replying at all in regards to complaints...... m sending u the screen shot of the issu im having that is no MRP points being getting earned by my team for pool5 match wins & even my match going stucked mostly & to get out of a stucked match i hve to forcequit the HW app & that makes my won match forfeit & in rezult tht gets counted as my lose & though i gets penalised by deduction of my pool5 points & no money or point gets earns so im suffering dual loss.... Most imp is tht im not reporting you guys this for first time im complaining this from multiple times never get reply or solution....

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