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Challenger Cup: The Battle of Equals

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 52 months ago
Dear Managers, 
Thrilled about the weekend? I definitely am!!
Anyway let's clear any lingering doubts about The Challenger Cup right now.
  1. You can play the tournament both on web or app but if you ask my personal opinion, APP contains more information( opponent lineup etc) on your line up page along with a more user friendly display as well.
  2. The Star rating will be capped at 12 for all players. For example, 
    Player A
    3 star keeper
    4 star batsman
    3 star bowler
    will be a 3 star keeper 12 star batsman and 3 star bowler
    Player B
    1 star keeper
    1 star batsman
    1 star bowler
    will be a 12 star keeper 1 star batsman and 1 star bowler
    Player C
    18 star batsman
    9 star bowler
    will be a 12 star batsman
    9 star bowler
  3. On the set line up page, you will have the form and fitness impact shown due to which your player stars will vary. Please note that sub levels for form and fitness will be included in the star rating
    Player A
    Superb form(low sub level) and Superb fitness(low sub level)
    will have 10-11 stars as his core skill.
  4. Deadline for set line up is 1 minute before the match starts.
  5. Squad limit is 25. In case your squad is greater than 25 players, top 25 players will be chosen based on Skill index.
  6. Users will be put into their respective groups tonight at 12 AM. and are able to set line ups after 12 AM tonight.
  7. Group Stage matches start at 12 noon on Saturday.
  8. Match duration ~48 minutes. Gap between matches = 1 hour 30 minutes.
  9. Knockouts will be held on Sunday. Matches start at 11 AM on Sunday.
  10. Achievements and Player XP gain will be shown on app.(Reward button)
  11. Since the star rating among all the teams will be almost similar, aspects such as timing of powerplay, planning your Aggression Meter, Left right disruption, Traits, New ball boost/nerf will play a very crucial role in determining your player performances.
May the best tactician win.

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Updated at: 09-06-2017

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Just thought to post something ; do not know how much relevant it is :

1) HW has undergone a big change from past 1-2 years and gradually its getting transformed into more of an advertising website.
I repent those days when the devs never minded speaking to the users directly, and users like me felt HW as their 
2 nd home.
But as said in the history of mankind that time changes, attitude changes, look changes, same foot step we find for HW also.
We cannot expect HW to be always like a crawling baby getting loved and giving love to its family members... Those days are gone. 
Now the admins of HW I find rarely posts a reply to any comment asked or sought for.

2) Coming now directly to the subject : Challengers' Trophy...
Nevertheless an interesting concept. But was it organised properly ? My frank ipinion - NO.
Yes we all know this was organised to get some sudden good monsoon bonus in kitty, which is also nothing wrong in any way whatsoever.
But dear admins of HW, the tourney could have been organised in a much better way specially with respect to Match engine. When I posted my views about my knock out match to one of the respected admins as usual there was no reply from him till now.
Even whatever once upon a time Kashyap (the founder owner of HW) did also replied to such comments...
May be as I said the height of the HW tree has grown taller, and thus no such query / comments of the HW users are reaching their sudden amplitude.

3) Future : Generally it is said, we take lessons from the past, make our present sweeter and plan for a better future.
No one of us has ever seen TOMORROW.
But I deadly fear how far this TOMORROW will be a success for Hit Wicket !
The simple reason behind it is, SUCCESS will depend upon good, healthy and regular relationship of HW with users.  No matter in that case users will come up and join hands to make HW stay alive and reach its zenith of Success, BUT if that relationship ends, its like a musical instrument with a wire cut in between. It only then a matter of time to stop the music forever.

Just my individual thoughts I have put. Others may differ in their opinion. :)

HW-- RIP ?? NO !!! How can I say to HW that ? Only can say come out of the grave and extend your arms to all your fellow Hit wicketians .. They were the one, they are the one, and they will be the one to take you our from the graveyard ! 

Happy Monsoon ! :)
52 months ago
SC - That's so deep man...:)
52 months ago
Soulcollector - Dude we were talking about immediately after group stage till 12pm next day we din know who our opponent was. And we din have opportunity to look into other groups also, like all groups were hidden or what? No issues, just telling so that future tournament will be little smooth.
52 months ago
Prashanth Prash - Let me take the side of HW this time for your query. I even topped my group, but was not sure abt my opponent till 12 noon. I lost That match.

But I feel in Knocked out its tough to say early who will play against whom ? Like we say TBA (to be announced)...
52 months ago
SC - HW has an equation to chose those opponents, right?
For eg: Group1 top vs Group 26 top or anything like that....
Even if it was random, if they gave access to all other groups, participants can go thru all groups.
But there wasn't a match page like U20 matches.
52 months ago
This is a BOT team - why should HW reveal how much it has earned ? :P... Posting the same shows that buddy :P
52 months ago
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