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league records haven't been updated since 2 seasons...

by Bharadwaj (XORs) 21 months ago
title says it all...

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I have also pointed this out :3 but they seem too busy these days :( 
21 months ago
Bharadwaj (XORs) Hyderabad # 2
There are many such features which are left to ruins... No one knows wtf is happening with world conquest. One can't even start new conquest, even seeing previous ones is not possible. Sloppiness to the extreme...
21 months ago
World conquest gets updated every season as far as I know :3 
21 months ago
Bharadwaj (XORs) Hyderabad # 4
Nope not every normal season... It should get updated every world cup season...

There are so many bugs in world conquest alone I cant even think ... Off the top of my mind:

1. The match timing is different for first few team ( 1 day) and different for the teams under... This is something that's been there since first World Conquest. They might have kept longer time for stronger teams at that time, and didn't change since then.

2. The leaderboard is outdated. It should change every WC, and the one we see right now is that of last WC season.

3. Send a captain mode match to any WC team and your credit is gone. Keep begging in bug reports to get it back. If you're a musky, once you get it back you will keep seeing bugs in your match tracker due to some glitch once this happens.

4. There is no way to go and check previous World Conquest records easily. The only way right now is by sloppily changing URL, and that is also weird.

5. This is more of a product done wrong point: People spending money and playing conquest basically gain nothing from this feature. Why would anyone top the leaderboard when they wont be remembered later. The feature itself is made to take credits from people and nothing else. Think abt it this way... people spend basically 2 credits and win 30 credits in fantasy if they're lucky.. they spend at least 40 credits (this is way more actually coz people lose to state teams more than they win) on WC to get nothing in return. The only thing they promise is position in leaderboard forever, and that thing doesn't even work. Worst shit ever!

World Conquest is a perfect example of a feature left to ruins, and a textbook example of how NOT to maintain a feature. In current condition, one might as well call it a scam. :P 

21 months ago
Bharadwaj (XORs) Hyderabad # 5
And don't even get me started on musky stats... :p
21 months ago
Omg so many things :3 unfortunately that feature never attracted me the moment i realised it gets reset
21 months ago
Bharadwaj - I must say u should join development team as a bug checker!

U r too good in that! I mean u r reporting bugs almost on a daily basis!


Anyways coming to the point, as far as i can see current development team is more focused on designing and less on developing!

I don't think i can say or highlight much points as u already have mentioned everything in ur comments...
21 months ago

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