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by Arggers (Inactive Team) 33 months ago
Gift Musketeer? OK, grudgingly if that's what I have to do. Certainly not recommending the game to new players.
Got to link to Facebook account. No. Screw you, Hitwicket.

The entire achievement system is biased towards FB users and Pay-to-Win. Kill it off now.


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What happened Bro?
33 months ago
Nothing happened. I was just going to gift a musketeer subscription to unlock that achievement and hopefully replace the crap uninteresting ones with some of the good ones that you don't have to pay for.

Thought I'd check the FAQ first...seems it only counts if the recipient links their HW account to a FB account.

Not. A. Chance.  

I don't understand why one would need to do that?
33 months ago
Then I have linked, u can gift me if u want to complete ur achievement
33 months ago
Arggers - Hello

Musky can be gifted to any hw user and it would also be recorded for Ironman but that achievement should be open for you then only it would be counted

And that of facebook thing it's for endorsing mrp which can only be endorsed to your fb friends so for that only it's written regarding the fb account
33 months ago
Right - let's clear things up - I know who I was planning on gifting musketeer to. I'm not a charity, so stop asking.

Nobody has answered the question of WHY you need to be on Facebook to get MRP donations to count. It never used to be the case, and now clearly discriminates against those who don't have Facebook. Where is the counter-balance for those users?

There is no excuse for penalising people who do not wish to use Facebook.

And what's the reason for the pay-to-get-achievements policy?
33 months ago

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