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Out of credit and how we can collect revenge and bunny achievement .

by Rajat Kumar Singh (Rajat XI 6656) 34 months ago
could you suggest me how to collect bunny and revenge achievement while you do not have credits and you will get a credit either collect achievement or buy credits.

and Please also describe how to make bunny to someone ,   the bunny achievement is showing here for me like --->>>>
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Div II
Sir Sam (THE PHOENIX) Haryna # 1
You have to buy credit else u have to invite people to get credits.

For bunny sent five request to same team and defeate him Atleast in 70% match. i. e. Defeat 5 times a team by inviting 5 times
34 months ago
Sam - OK thanks SAM , can we invites to any team for 5 times without hitwicket credits ???
34 months ago
Div II
Sir Sam (THE PHOENIX) Haryna # 3
No u can't... But if someone invite u 5 times within 70 days and u defeate him u can unlock this
34 months ago
Sam Rajat Kumar Singh - get all your doubts solved here
34 months ago

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