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Hitwicket u will totally fraud with me

by MIke Hussey 48 (M Hussey Strikers) 62 months ago
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What happened bro ?
62 months ago
Hitwicket made fraud with me
62 months ago
Amount is deducted but no credit is given
62 months ago
You will receive the credits/ musky in a short time if you have purchasing it now wait some time please

Just my suggestion as hurry is like demons work please wait some time ( only my suggestion)
62 months ago
Dancing star who are you???
62 months ago
Just a manager in this game
62 months ago
MIke Hussey 48 - dude wait for 48 hours or send a mail to support@hitwicket
62 months ago
Div IV
Sir Mike Kucharek (Mike XI) Dublin # 8
Sending emails to is a complete waste of time and technology - Devs just do not reply. I had to wait 3 weeks for a player to join my squad ! ALSO TODAY'S LEAGUE MATCHES SEEM TO BE DELAYED or WHATEVER. We all live in hope !
12 months ago
Mike Kucharek - this was 51 months ago and you gave reply one month ago these are unrelated issues bro
11 months ago
Who rattled your cage?
11 months ago
Mike Kucharek - What? No. I was just saying that this is a different issue 51 months back, has nothing to do with current bugs. But the current state of the game is like ruins. I agree that sending email to is useless
11 months ago
the post i read did not indicate it was such a long time ago - it came up as a pop-up on forum menu.i have nothing further to add.
11 months ago
Mike Kucharek - I never said that. Just informed you. Did not tease you for it or anything. Pls don't take offence
11 months ago
Good God ! I haven't taken offence. What appears to be the problem with this web site is that incorrect data has taken over in league matches, stats., tables and scheduled dates for matches. Players bought eventually arrive to the new team - how patient can we be? Regards, MikeĀ 
11 months ago
Mike Kucharek - yes. Same problem in app also. Who knows where the stats of last 2 seasons have disappeared. What is going on in the game is totally pathetic. Once I sent player rename request and it tooks days before the player got renamed. Even hope is reducing day by day
11 months ago
moreover still waiting for league winner reward of last season
11 months ago
That's typical of Devs., Keep faith and don't give up, hopefully some day someone will get to grips with all our chagrins. Good Luck with your endeavors and Best Wishes.
11 months ago

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