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Hitwicket records book

by Srikanth_Chitti (Indian Idols) 73 months ago

“Records are Achievements by Teams, but those are not fixed to Particular Team, They can Change anytime.”

As we know “Hitwicket Record Book”was  invented and maintained by Inderjeet Singh. Due to his personal life, he decided to leave from the game. So, with his permission,decided to carry on the works he started. Hope you guy will help us.

All Managers have known about me but again I will give brief introduction .I am Srikanth Chitti owner of Indian Idols and having more than 3 year  experience and become Head Coach of Himachal Pradesh in the past and currently Acting as Assistant Coach of Andhra Pradesh of World Cup Team.

Generally Records are to be made to overcome and create new history and improving the World of Hitwicket. Records are not to a particular teams, those are  not fixed to Particular Team, They can Change anytime.

Many of us has been with this game since 6 months, some are Year and some greats which are almost 2 years old in this game. Because we are bound mostly around Finances or Training and never tried to find what’s the Record in Hitwicket. What is the best performances by the teams, players and managers and so never tried to break their record.



Here I maintain this records which are maintained by Inderjeet Singh with same contents as well as few new categories,

Currently I maintaining data of following

·         U20

·         World cup/ IC cups

·         League matches

·         Non league matches

Due to the loading problems i have decided to maintain separate forums . 

Links :

Related to League and Non league

Related to U20 cup and Other Stuff

Follow this Format and Nominate Yourself for a record..

Category- Select from currently in the table

Match Type- League Match/ Or another Type of match/U20 match

Details of the Record- (Tell us what record you Made or break)

Team Name- Name of the team which claims to hold the record.

Link of the Match- For confirmation of the record, please attach your match link.

Player Link- In Case it is an individual record, provide the player link.




All-time records of the previous and upcoming seasons will be updated (With Your Support Only). Starting Off With Few Categories in My Mind, I Hope you guys come up with new categories, suggestions, criticism or anything you need to be changed in this posts but don't forget to post your Record here. Don’t worry if your Achievement is unanswered in the Forum.


So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your previous matches and search if you have any Hidden Record. Post it here and Get Your Name Written in the


Now It's Time to Show Off :-)



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Updated at: 09-12-2017

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won by 90 runs in f5 match restricting the against team for 18 runs . my total score was 108
54 months ago
won by 90 runs in f5 match restricting the against team for 18 runs . my total score was 108
54 months ago
Srikanth_Chitti -

When are you going to update ?  I sent all those records again for you as PM.

54 months ago
Neilhowlett - where buddy?
54 months ago
are you kidding me???
54 months ago

I have Private messaged you yet again to direct you to the records. It is now 4 months I have been sending them - and you still ask "where?". Please have a look, and respond to let me know you have seen them. You replied Sept 22 that you would update them.

54 months ago
f-5 match my highest score is 109
54 months ago
Abhilash Rai - F5 match my highest score 112 Is this a record?
53 months ago

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