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End of Season Actions

by Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 93 months ago
- You can now challenge another team for a friendly match on Wednesday.
- Goto any other team's page (non-BOT ofc!) and you will see an orange 'Challenge' button.
- Once you've challenged a team, the team's owner has to login and choose either 'accept' or 'decline' challenge.
- You will receive a notification if he 'accepts' or 'declines' your challenge.
- Since this match is a CSR initiative by Hitwicket, only school kids will be allowed into the stadiums and they have free admission. So even if you are the home team, you don't earn anything (so choose venue based on pitch type only).
- Training will be calculated for the week based on this match, thats one of the biggest uses of this match.
- This is a one time thing and you will not be able to challenge during the season, right now we are doing it to test how popular this feature is.

Pitch Change
- The pitch at your stadium can be change from today till 5pm next Friday (19th).
- Goto your stadium page and you will see all possible options.
- Select a pitch to fit your strategy.

Change Name
-You can now change the name of your team too.
-Goto your profile page and you will see a tab to change the name.
-Deadline to change the name is 5pm next Friday (19th).

and now the BIG ONE

League Switch
You can now change your league across the same division, if you belong to Div III or Div IV
- Goto any league page in your own Division, if there is a BOT team, you will see a 'switch' link next to it.
- Click on it to replace the BOT in that league.

Quick Tip: goto your Facebook Friends page to see which league your friends are playing in and then switch.

Questions? ask away...

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Jijeesh Hyderabad # 1
Trying to shift from II.1 to II.4... No "switch" link next to Tripura XI, Karnataka XI or Mizoram XI.
93 months ago
dude it's written clearly , you can switch only if you belong to IIIrd or IVth division 
93 months ago
Sachin Hyderabad # 3
can I be put in league II.2, a friend is in that league (hit cricketers) ?
93 months ago
@Kashyap : Can you be a little more clear on how training requirements would be calculated from friendly match ? 

Which batsman? which bowlers? Does it help boost up form? 
@shashanc : Sorry yaar, I am waiting for Ashish to have a friendly match with me. And from the looks of your team, match is redundant, You would win. :-D
93 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5
Training rules apply in the same way as a regular league game, positions #1, #3, #5 for batsmen and the over vise for bowlers. Only thing is, instead of playing 2 matches this week, there will be only u can train max 3 batsmen, etc.

Form, exp, fitness...all these factors work just like they would for a regular week. 
93 months ago
kartik (killer) Gurgaon # 6
it will be great if players get training twice a week
93 months ago

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