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F5 Match

by Ankit Sharma Sir (The Godfather) 66 months ago
F5 match or a five over match
We all know that hitwicket has started F5 match and some managers are also able to play the F5 match I think it is only for the app but My app is showing coming soon coming soon only I think it is a bug in my profile.  I wanted to tell that I have updated my app today only but the problem still remain same and I am telling this because  of managers like this

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Devs At least please comment on it.
66 months ago
F5 Matches feature is yet to come for old users. It will be available on both app and web.
66 months ago
Will F5 matches help in achieving achievements?
66 months ago
Nope. Achievements are not counted for F5 matches
66 months ago
Dada Sixers (JADDU) Chandigarh # 5
Ankit Sharma Sir Varun_N - Do we get any reward for becoming table top or top 10?
59 months ago
Div IV
Rajesh (Malutty) kollam # 6
Bro my f5 match not open. Why ?
59 months ago
my match is not starting!!!!!
25 months ago
25 months ago

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