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Newbies- Earn 350M+ in 3 Season. Finance Improvement Guide.

by Sir Spyder Man (MaGiCaL MoNsTeR) 51 months ago

Hi Dear Hitwicketers, after a long period I am back to forums with a strategy tips for newbie’s! Want to change your financial fortunes and become a millionaire or even a billionaire, Hitwicket is nothing but a finance management game with a cricket background, usually rich teams tend to win. So if your looking to make money then you have come to the right place let’s get started. We all know freshers don’t know how to build a team/how to manage the finance. This tips will helps you in such situations. Newbie’s who following these simple tips can earn 300+ M in just 3 seasons. I not like to make a lengthy post and feel you boring. Just pay a 2 minutes attention to this post and you can find something useful from this:

Step 1: What you can achieve? Every newbie will have a small amount of finance at the beginnings of carrier. This guide deals with achieving 250-300M in span of 3 seasons. It can be more depending on the activity of the newbie. But these tips will also help current users too (who facing financial criteria and struggling to build a strong team).

Step 2: What you should do? Let's start by selling all the unnecessary and non U20 eligible players! It should give you 5-8M. Now we can buy 2 Wicket Keepers of age 17-19 years old, at least Reliable in Wicket Keeping. Being as a batting trainer I can safely say each will cost 1.5-2M each.

Step 3: How to deal your Bowling Side? During this time with the remaining amount, you need to buy Average/Useless or Average/Hopeless below 19 years. These players you can get at very cheap from auction market! Why now? Wk training increase fielding and with jaunty update fielder's are pretty valuable. Also these help in finishing your transfer tycoon achievement and buying cheap and selling high good things happen when someone does it.

Step 4: When you should sell these players? Sell them all up when the U20 cut off age reaches 50 days or when the Wicket Keeper's reach Brilliant you should be able to get ample profit on them now. At least 15-20M each of the keepers which is almost 10 times profit.

Step 5: How to deal with achievements? From achievements of beginners (like Transfer Tycoon, Master Blaster, Howzat, Gang up, etc.) could be completed and you should be having almost 45M it's a decent amount! Once you sell off all the U20 eligible players also you shall have 55-60M.

Step 6: New trainee’s recruitments! Now you have your own money to invest. Buy 5-6 Accomplish/Useless bowlers who are eligible for all the coming 3 U20's most at age 17.50 to 17.57 not more. Why now? Right now these aged players will go at low price and mostly they are just perfect for our cause, making 300M. But you should remember one thing; we have a tight budget. So buy players who are only available in our budget and try to minimize the amount spent. Also strictly Accomplish/Useless and don't forget they have to be able to play in coming 3 U20’s.

Step 7: How to deal remaining finance? Now you have your own trainees, with the remaining amount start buying U20 eligible players cheap like Average/Average or Average/Hopeless. Buy them at cheap during the start of the season and sell them when U20 registration starts. You can buy players for 10K and sell for 200k that's a lot of profit!

Don't believe me? Check team name XOR / Legacy's (My team). This buying and selling is very profitable and the more the time you spend the more you earn! Why trade? Well you can make 20M easily in each season by trading!!

Step 8: Sale of new trainee’s & Profit! After 2 seasons of training your Accomplish bowlers should be Fantastic and u should be able to sell them for 50M+ each trainee!! And not too forget the achievement which can be unlocked in each Managerial Level, which adds another 100M nearly to your finance. So if you can make things as I have told, you should make 350M+ easily after cutting salary and expenses! And if u have done trading well then your ready to make a real team.

Step 9: Buy/Earn Credits! Initially if u can spend 24 credits things will be a piece of cake! Buy/Earn credits and try to complete achievements as soon as possible.Many tourneys offer credits as rewards which is the best way if your looking to earn them or Hw official contests which are prediction and fun based , they run on fb and twitter.

I have done this with the help of my friend Kevin, he is from SA. He completed 6 months and sold all his trainees for 60m+ check his team, (Gotham City Ravens) though we didn't have time to trade he made 220M in 2 seasons!!

You are free to ask any queries related to this post and I will help you! Thanking you for spending your valuable time for me! I hope this post will help you.

to check on which players to buy read my other guide

Thanks to Lord_Phoenix for helping me write it for u , without him i would be still lazily thinking when to write this one thanks mate .


Signing off,

Sri Harsha (Legacy’s)


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Updated at: 21-07-2016

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Kavin - M training bowler s between age 17- 18.30...with reliable/useless skills
47 months ago
DevankP - Bowling itself faster than batting. ( not my openion. I didn't train any bowlers so far)
47 months ago
DevankP - Going for training on div 8 is a bad idea. You won't get pitch upgrade. Only thing you need to do is, save money, have three 5⭐ batsman. Go for purchase in this time. You can get for low cost. Don't go for buying if he cost more than 1.5m and age must be low. Above 28 is waste of purchase. Complete all the achievements, participate in F5 matches, gaian promotion. Don't waste money now. You need it to buy trainers
47 months ago
I am seam trainer
47 months ago
Kavin - Bro 5 star and below 1.5 B is close to impossible
47 months ago
Kavin - Bro instead can possible that buy an 1 older player with min. remarkable skill and around 29-30 age... and win the Div8 league early in level Timeline ..that is see i m on 2nd spot on my league table and just became Remarkable few days back..
47 months ago
Kavin - Also buying that player also helped me alot in rising up on ladder from around 7 to 1st
47 months ago
DevankP - Don't buy players. You need money
47 months ago
Spyder Man - Bro we have to buy wicket keepers and train them in wicket keeping?
47 months ago
Karan gopalani - Buy wicketkeeper reliable n then train him
47 months ago
DevankP - You can't train wicketkeeper if you are in div 8
47 months ago
Kavin - Ya ya i knw bro..telling him for in general
47 months ago
47 months ago
Kavin - So if we will train wicket keeper so when we will train batsman and bowlers
47 months ago
Karan gopalani - I didn't say train wicketkeeper. If you want to train, stick with one thing. Get money from it and buy others. That's how training works. Wicketkeeper training wont work in 8th league. That's what i said
47 months ago

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