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Star Rating (a.k.a. batting/bowling ability) detail

by Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 106 months ago FAQ
This seems to be a bit of a black box to a lot of users, so thought I would explain further. Understanding this is important for users to spot weaknesses in a batsman and strategize accordingly.

# For batsmen
'Skill' (Batting vs seam/spin), 'Fitness', 'Form' and 'Experience' determine the Batting Ability for a player.

Consider a player 'Ramu Ramlal' having these skills
Accomplished Experience, Decent Form and Unreliable Fitness.
Batting vs Seam bowlers
Batting vs Spin bowlers

As you can see, he is quite good against spinners but relatively weak against seamers. The Hitwicket Suresh Raina, you can say.

Now before the match, the match engine calculates his batting ability against both type of bowlers.

Batting ability against spinners (Bspin) = SomeComplexFunction(Batting vs spin bowlers, Experience, Form, Fitness)
Batting ability against seamers (Bseam) = SomeComplexFunction(Batting vs seam bowlers, Experience, Form, Fitness)

Keep in mind the Star Rating is the avg value of his batting ability against each delivery.

Case #1, during the match Ramu Ramlal faces 'x' balls, all from spinners.
Ramu's Star Rating = (x * Bspin) / x

Case #2, during the match Ramu Ramlal faces 'y' balls, all from seamers.
Ramu's Star Rating = (y * Bseam) /y

Case #3, during the match Ramu Ramlal faces 'x' balls from seamers and 'y' balls from spinner
Ramu's Star Rating = ((x * Bseam) + (y * Bspin)) / (x+y) 

- Therefore, if Ramu were to face only spinners in his innings, owing to his superior spin batting skills, his star rating will be much higher than it would be if he faces only seam bowlers. 
- Apart from the bowling style (spinner/seam), his star rating is not effected in any way by the ability of the bowler he faces. good bowler, bad difference.

Update (Rule change 16/2/2014)
- Sporting, Green or Crumbling wickets do not increase or reduce the star rating of batsmen. A Flat wicket increases the star rating of batsmen.

Sorry the engineer in me makes me talk in formulas, let me know if any more clarification is needed. If ppl are able to understand this, then I'l make a similar post for bowler rating too tom.
suggestions to improve the description in manual based on the above stated facts are welcome. We don't want every user to read all this to understand how it works, thats no fun :)

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Updated at: 01-01-2014

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 12; background-position: 10px 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Shamu Shamlal

He is a 20 yrs 6 days old, Right-hand batsman, who bowls Off break.
His experience level is Useless and currently in Good form & Superb fitness. His Skill Index is 16,882and is paid a Salary of Rs 122,400 every week

Bowling main
Bowling variation

Before EACH DELIVERY the engine calculates,
Ball power = SomeComplexFunction(Bowling main, Bowling variation, Experience, Form, Fitness, over number, pitch type, Left/Right batsman)

How 'over number', pitch type and left/right batsman combo works is all in the manual.

The final star rating of a player is the average of the above calculated value, over is entire spell.
Shamu's Rating = (sum of Ball power of each delivery) / total no of deliveries

As you can see, the bowler's star rating has nothing to do with the quality of the batsman.
106 months ago
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Sir CricmaniaC (Bengal Tsunami)  : By applying same logic Bowler's ability also doesn'tchanges as he try to bowl his best every time but it is only ball which is affected, it moves on friendly and it doesn't on flat so what did the bowler do here ?? it's all about ball's movement so why only bowler is getting benefited.
it's a genuine concern and i am sure most bowling trainers will oppose it but tell me what's the harm if star rating change is divided equally among batsman and bowlers in place of bowler's only.
even considering ur argument then also it's a simulation game and many illogical things are still here so what harm is in this one which actually will help even the game. 
95 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 63
Well what do you want...increase batsmen capability on bowler friendly pitches....I have noticed significant decrease in bowling ability when the bowlers bowl on sporting/flat wicket,so even if the batting ability remains the same...the bowling ability decreases..........and I am talking from my experiences playing good quality batting attack on all kinds of pitches....crumbling and green are bowler friendly pitches so expecting a good batsmen to hit 6s on the balls of an equally good bowler is not at all favorable....
95 months ago
if u are commenting on a thread then please read it from start ,i never said that increase batsman capability on bowling friendly pitches Sir Satyasarthak (Shree) i am saying that why only bowler affected, let's halve the impact and divide it equally into batsman and bowlers. on a green/crumbling bowlers gain a star and batsman loses while on sporting they remain neutral while on flat batsman gains a star and bowler loses 1. the problem with current system is that only bowling unit is affected which means if i have a poor bowling unit and a good batting unit then i will be screwed on both pitches as my bowler's won't become dale stayne from ishant Sharma and no effect on my batting stars but decent enough bowler of other teams will transform from Mitch Johnson performing in India to Mitch Johnson performing in oz while even if they have some what lesser batting then also np as their batting remains same.
P.S. :> i hope everyone got what i am  trying to say, i can't repeat myself again and again.
95 months ago
ElectricPiyaSir CricmaniaC Stop arguing. We got certain things from this forum and we have some demand from this game.

What we got from this forum?

1. The star rating of bowlers will increase or decrease depending on the type of pitch. The increase or decrease ratio is 10% (according to Sir scotch) or it is calculated by a complex function (according to Sir Kashyap). Whatever the process is, but its true, we can observe it by ourselves.

2. The star rating of batsman remains same for all type of pitches. Because the pitch effects on the bowlers, not on the batsman, have have the potential ability to bat (according to Sir Kashyap). 

3. SI of bowlers are greater than batsman. Even an exemplary/exemplary batsman can have less SI than exemplary/useless bowler. So we can not judge the difference of ability of batsman of bowlers with the difference of SI.

What do we want?

1. We need a game engine balanced for both batsman and bowlers. It is T20 where we want to see some big shots and a decent score, but in hitwicket we can even see a strong batting squad gets all out within 100 against a strong bowling line up on a pitch which supports the bowlers. Giving an example, India has a strong batting squad, but India will not get all out within 100 when they will play on a hard pitch like in South Africa. It is not realistic. It can happen few times, but not always.

2. Managers train their players for the following reasons:-
a) To see the increase of their skill attributes and skill index.
b) To see their quality performance.
c) To see their stars increasing and they feel happy to see the red stars.

Now understand the difference between a bowling trainer and batting trainer. A bowling trainer can enjoy all these three facilities, but does the batting trainer can? They don't used to get the facilities mentioned in point b and c. A batting trainer feels frustrated to play against a strong bowling line up. Its hard to see red star for a batsman even at superb form and fitness. Batting trainers will also love to see red stars.

3. Though the form system has changed, but we still need some changes. The stars difference between poor and superb is 2 stars, that is too much and is not acceptable. Even it can hamper the total performance of the team. Because it is quite possible that all the players of the team are in poor form. We want the form system less effective.

What are the solutions?

1. Make a balanced game engine where a strong batting squad can put a decent score on crumbling or green against a strong bowling attack. We don't want 200 in those pitches, but they should score at least 140-160, not 60-80.

2. Make the star changes equal for both batsman and bowlers. We can take sporting as a standard of star ability. The standard will remain same for the batsman on crumbling or green, but for the bowlers it will increase, where the standard of bowlers will remain same on flat where the standard of batsman will increase at the same ratio.

3. Make the form system less effective, i.e. make the star difference 1 instead of 2 between poor to superb.
95 months ago
Bull's Eye Sayak :)
Regarding ur point 2 ( i ain't arguing :P ) but it will be more logical and should be easy for ME if abilities of both changes in a single match ;)
95 months ago
Sir Sayak Ganguly (Warriors of Bengal) Agree wit your views...
Being a batting trainer I really wish to see some increase in my batsmen star ratings on flat pitches. It is ofcourse technically true that batsmen has nothing to do with pitch type and only bowler has, but it is also true and practical that when a batsman is batting in a flat wicket he gains more confidence to face any kind of bowler. And undoubtedly, confidence is one important mental factor in cricket. So, conclusively to allay this melancholy of the batting trainers star ratings of batsmen should increase by some percentage in flat pitches, just like it increases for bowlers in different pitches. In short for diff. pitches:
a.Sporting wicket:             Both bowlers and batsmen stars=> standard value

b.Green wicket:                Seamers => standard value + x (increase due to pitch factor)
                                       Spinners => standard value
                                       Batsmen => standard value
c. Crumbling wicket:         Seamers => standard value
                                       Spinners => standard value + x (increase due to pitch factor)
                                       Batsmen => standard value

d.Flat wicket:                   Batsmen => standard value + y (increase due to mental factor) :P
                                       Bowlers => standard value - z (decrease due to pitch factor)
                                        where, y+z=x

95 months ago

So ultimately it boils down to the most interesting thing called Human Psychology… We just like to see more stars, and since that is happening more for bowlers than batsmen, people are a little unhappy…


I don’t know if this is true, but I observed a lot of times that a 6 star batsman can play an 8 star bowler quite comfortably… (Please don’t point out instances where he got out cheaply… I am just speaking in general)… I might be wrong here, but this is what I observed…



Anyway, I believe Kashyap (the devs) is (are) correct in their logic about the star ratings… I have no problems with that part…


·         Someone had mentioned in one of the comments that Star Ratings do not reflect the match performance… A small extrapolation… Star Ratings are a direct representation of the player’s ability… Even a player with amazing ability on a particular match day can falter…

·         Sayak’s summary was quite good… I would suggest people not to worry about the Skill Indices… They might be reflective, but they are not everything… My Remarkable/Reliable seamer has better bowling ability than a Fantastic/Mediocre bowler although there would be a huge difference in Skill Indices…

·         The reason for low scoring games is just that there are too many teams training in bowling… I can approximate it to be 1:20… So obviously the batsmen haven’t reached such high skills as yet… For every 1 batsmen who is 10 star, there would be approximately 20 bowlers… So these situations are bound to occur… Once more batsmen are trained, I believe things would stabilize…

95 months ago

A simple logic...

·         Increasing the bowler ability by 2, and keeping the batsman ability constant

·         Increasing the bowler ability by 1, and decreasing the batsman ability by 1

I believe both these would have the exact same effect…


The Match Engine is (in my opinion) designed to take into account the difference between batsman and bowler ability…



If people want some aesthetic appeal, and some psychological satisfaction, then it could be implemented… But as such, it wouldn’t make a millimetre difference…!

95 months ago
Sir Maximus I'm not telling about the stars ability only....

I'm telling about my observation on Batting vs. Bowling:

1. No batting trainer won the U20 till now in past 3 seasons.
2. No batting trainer won the premiere league in past 8 seasons. (First two seasons are not considerable)
3. When a good batting squad used to face a good bowling squad on sporting pitch (I'm considering sporting as a standard), in 80% cases the bowling team dominates over the batting team. Even I've observed it in India Cup matches.
4. In most of the cases when a set partnership gets out against a strong bowling attack, the total batting line up fails to carry on (Though it also happens in reality, but not in most of the time).
95 months ago
CricmaniaC Kolkata # 71
ultimately the star rating difference decides the outcome of a delivery

where the bowling team dominates over batting team, the bowlers must have been stronger than batsmen

a 1 star batsman facing a 2 star bowler is same as a 9 star batsman facing a 10 star bowler

for a team to become champion, it needs to have balance(not finance :p) between batting and bowling
there were better bowling teams than MFE, why did MFE go on to be the first and only team to snatch the title?  he had better batsmen, giving the required balance and to add to that better strategy
95 months ago
Sir Sayak Ganguly

1.      Very few batting trainers is the reason for that... SUNRH was by far the best batting trainer I have seen in the U20, and he did get far ahead in the tournament… The numbers I gave was 1:20, so I guess you have the reason there itself… As more and more people train in batting, we might have a change in these stats…

2.      Same reason… Not many batting trainers available… The teams that could win the Premier were quite balanced, and were not just bowling oriented… May be they did train in bowling, but they needed a strong batting line-up too…

3.      The 1:20 reason covers this point too… In my opinion, once batting trainers train good batsmen like Rishav did, we will not have these issues…

4.      Yeah, we do find a lot of batting collapses… There is still work to be done in regard to “Intelligent Batting”

95 months ago
Sir Maximus (The Gladiators)
So ultimately to make batting training more attractive to managers, there need to be some changes. Then only the ratio can change to 1:1 or something ;)
95 months ago
CricmaniaC Kolkata # 74
Pritam (ObScuRe hOriZon)
ultimately everyone has to train in batting, now or later
its a cyclic process

95 months ago
Sir CricmaniaC (Bengal Tsunami)
not necessarily be. I cud keep on training only in bowling and buy the batsmen.
95 months ago
it's not psychological -one is talking about effect of current star rating on an unbalanced batting team, it is unfair for those while unbalanced bowling team has no worries now. and for balanced teams they will not be affected by new star ratings so where's the harm ??.Sir Maximus (The Gladiators)
95 months ago
Sir Kashyap

So ultimately I'm suggesting two changes.

1. Please work on some Intelligent Batting so that batting order does not collapsed after the wickets of two set batsman.

2. Please reduce the difference of SI between batsman and bowlers. In the statistics center the team strength shows according to SI, so bowling trainer gets the priority. It will be great if the both have almost same SI according to the skill.
95 months ago
CricmaniaC Kolkata # 78
Pritam (ObScuRe hOriZon)
you cant reach premier league training one department now on, though earlier it was possible
95 months ago


94 months ago
Flat pitch must make a difference in his stars dont you think?
94 months ago
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