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The Last Goodbye*

by Divyam Srivastava 71 months ago
This post as the heading suggests is all about leaving HW...
I have been playing the game for almost 9 months and i have had a great time here interacting with new managers and learning the ways to be better,this game is very good but i have decided to leave it because the game is affecting my studies.

I can play the game anytime after i succeed in life,i may rejoin the game after 3 years and that is too long,i had a great time with all my alliances and all the managers i played with.The game indeed is one of a kind and people need to have patience to play this game.I hope that after a long time when i see this game again,we will have around 10 divisions and some new champion,i have been playing for 4 season and in these 4 season,i have seen two champion teams- Neo the Nemesis and The Special One(Old cannons might be the third one)...

The game has brought me joy and i have taken tips from many managers and i thank them.

My players on sale!!!
My favourite player-

My Batsmen-

My Wicket-keeper-

My Bowling Trainees-

My Bowlers-

All the players are at cheap prices as i will gain no profit by selling them...(i got 100 million from them but i don't really care about the money...)

My Final Match-

My final match has been very great,a dream match indeed...
Indian Elites won by 198 runs!!!(Zeal picked the last one for me)
Today is a big day for the Indian team as well,thrashing Sri Lanka by 9 wickets...
"14th Feb 2016"
Wud have completed 9 months on my birthday-23rd Feb...

*I have no copyright for this title and my alliance name suggests how much i love The Hobbit and LOTR series.

-19th Feb 2016
This is really my last post here,My team will be there but deactivated and will run on its own like a BOT team but the team name wud be same and i can reclaim the team as it is whenever i like but my team will be deactivated after 2 weeks...

Have fun and enjoy the game!!!
Happy Hitwicketing!!!!


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It was great to have you with us.
All the best for the future. Hope to see you again after three years.

Stay in touch.
71 months ago
Divyam Srivastava Allahabad # 2
Sure bro but how can i keep in touch?My account is to be deactivated today after completion of my match...
71 months ago
This is my number 9445435025. Keep in touch.........
71 months ago
Divyam Srivastava Allahabad # 4
OK,i think The Hobbits have a Whatsapp group nah?

71 months ago
yes ping me your number on whatsapp....
i will add you

71 months ago
Divyam Srivastava Allahabad # 6
This is really my last post,the HW team will deactivate my account in 2 weekdays,so my account would be removed tomorrow....

Happy Hitwicketing!!!
71 months ago
Divyam Srivastava Allahabad # 7
My account still not deactivated,i need help from HW experts,90 million has stacked up in my account for selling my players...
71 months ago

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