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Too much time between matches

by Akshat Sharma (akshat royals) 93 months ago
There are only two matches in a week which makes it little bit boring ..... even one of my friend have left playing game for that reason. So if you can increase no. of matches to 3 or 4 in a week & also training results & money from sponsers twice a week than it will be good and will attract more people towards this game. Also rewarding winning team can be a good feature. 

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
It takes a while to get used to the pace of the game, I think some of the users who have played for more than a month will testify that the long space between the game makes sure fatigue doesn't set in. This is important, since unlike a FB game, Hitwicket will not be like a 'current trend' thing...we expect (and try our best to ensure) that users stick to it for months-years. The concept is designed that way. We are constantly working on ways to make a user like your friend give the game atleast a few weeks after which we are sure he'l never leave.

Winning matches has a side effect, your crowd turnout for the next match increases. So instead of directly tossing money to the winner, we want to involve some strategy into it like stadium size. This way, a team in a very easy league will not have a bumper season with 16 match win prize money, while a team in a though league struggles for a few wins, which is ofc unfair because it all depends on how good a team/how strong a league you are assigned.
Stadium expansion serves mitigate the problem. The game design is such that even struggling teams sell out their initial 6k stadium soon, not much to choose b/w them and a good team...this gives the manager some breathing space to learn the game and grow from almost an equal pedestal.
93 months ago
Well said Kashyap. Though i still feel that there is something that can be done to make things more exciting. Not sure, but I think the concept of practice matches should help in long run and in training. This would also make things more exciting.

Also, may be you've already thought about it, there should be friendly matches too within FB friends. That way the game would become more exciting within a particular group of people and more people would pour in for sure.

Hope I am not trending on the wrong path.
93 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 3
yep, the concept of 'challenges' will be rolled out for the matches during the season break.
93 months ago
vvnraman (Los Pollos Hermanos) New York # 4

Well I was thinking that you guys would want to have the users stick around for months/years for sure. The current pace really helps with the first 30-40 days for sure, but I would also vote for something else to be done after that. Obviously you guys wouldn't want it to be just a time sink, but any fruitful addition would help if it allows us to spend some time and improve the team in anyway. 

Right now Tuesdays and Thursdays are two days where I just see teams buying players for Millions, then I repeatedly see when is the next match for my team, in my stadium, and wait for that day to arrive. Albeit for only 2 days, Its kind of a negative feedback loop. If there is something to apply to during these days, it'll be great. If we have the training history, we would definitely be spending more time on how the players are trained and fine tune it based on the past schedule. Maybe we can have another training update on Tuesday, before the match on Wednesday, like we do have on a Saturday, before the match on Sunday, and see which of our players have improved on Tuesday for the match next day. 

Maybe you have already given this a few thoughts, but I thought i'll give my two cents.

93 months ago

Eagerly awaiting Challenges!
93 months ago
yeah...friendly matches. Some more trainings to do. And betting on matches. These are what I am looking for
93 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 7

1.Friendly matches good enough..

2.More training no no....the more the skill index increases the salary also increases and finally at one point we might end just paying the salary....!!!! that wont be training per week actually makes you think..what to do next....thats interesting...
93 months ago

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