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by Sujit100 (69 XI) 56 months ago
One of my player named Sabir Abedin has scored more than 1250 runs in this season but his name is not listed on the top scorer chart althogh some players who have scored 850 runs are listed there . .why so ??????????

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Dats because d mentioned player was nt in ur team frm d start of dis season!!!! U bought him oly on 22nd Sept!!!!
56 months ago
Sujit100 (69 XI) Kolkata # 2
Laxman Viswanath - Okay thsnks !!
56 months ago
Sujit100 - No mention bro!!!!! Best wishes!!!! Ping me if u need any help!!!!!
56 months ago
Sujit100 (69 XI) Kolkata # 4
Laxman Viswanath - Sure ☺
56 months ago

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