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by Sanal Rajan (Sanal XI) 56 months ago
how to complete iron man acheivement??

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Sanal Rajan - Gift us musketeer of 3months....or by endorsing mrp
56 months ago
Div VI
Sanal Rajan (Sanal XI) abudhabi # 2
how to gift or endore
56 months ago
Gifting include real money...... You gift me musketeership worth 600rs real one..... And u ll get 600 points in ironman achievement
56 months ago
Sanal Rajan - Buddy for GIFTING MUSKEETEER...

u need to visit someone's profile ( only from WEBSITE, for eg click on my name showing here ) u will move to my profile... and thn at the end u will see 2 options GIFT MUSKETEER, GIFT CREDITS.... click on Gift musketeer and select package of 3 months, thn follow further procedure for payment and thn after gifting is done ur IRONMAN achievement will b complete....................


Buddy if u have fb and if u have linked that fb with hitwicket ( if not thn link that now ), thn ENDORSEMENT is possible otherwise NO....

So if u have any fb friend ( also hitwicket user ), and if he need 50 mrp to reach next level, thn hitwicket will ask RANDOMLY to gift some MRP portion to one of his friend ( they can ask u from his friendlist or to someone else ) ...

So if they ask u thn u need to follow some steps from that notification, and the end u will endorse some points to that friend ...

IN BOTH ABOVE CASES ur IRONMAN achievement bar will move forward ( there is no other way to move this BAR )..
56 months ago

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