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Story of my life - how Hitwicket ruined me

by Innkeeper 82 months ago Fun
I love hitwicket.
I play it day and night.
even in bathroom I set auto bids.
But I love one girl more than hitwicket.
she responds back.
she likes me too.
one day we are sitting together in garden.
I work out like hell prev day and take hot pics of my 6 pack abs and calves to impress her.
I take other pic too but I not tell you.
now she sitting besides me.
I say I have smoking hot pics to show.
she say hubba bubba hubba.
now as I show her pic. she scream in anger.
you know why?
BECAUSE bloody HW app froze all my hot pictures.
now I'm old hag.
pls fix plz.
I really love this girl and her sister.

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Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) Uttarkashi # 1
82 months ago
Forget the sisters, sunny wants some action. :*
82 months ago
Innkeeper - Bhai, Side effects of Final preparations :p . Take care bhai, jyaada mat padh
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) Uttarkashi # 4
^Dame sunny Leone :* <3
82 months ago
I am from PETA.. I am here to warn you not to pull innocent calves in your shameful acts.. coz if they get hurt somehow, we WILL protest dressed as cows outside your house :P
82 months ago
Innkeeper Nagpur # 6
The safest way in India right now is to dress like a cow.. so I throughly second your idea btw :v
82 months ago
'dame' Sunny Leone.. huehue :'D
82 months ago
Innkeeper Nagpur # 8
Guys if you wanna know the true story as to why Titanic sunk, here's the incident as told to me by my friend Anthony Gonsalves
82 months ago
82 months ago
Innkeeper Nagpur # 10
Ever wondered how stupid the TRC rule is?
Here's my take via Mr McD
81 months ago

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