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Post your Achievements _ "finish it now"

by Arunkumar_S (Arun Ball Burners) 56 months ago
Friends here i created new forum for those who are not completing their achievements 
"Post your Achievements select suitable team and complete your achievements "


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Updated at: 20-11-2015

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Avenger guys help me

55 months ago
Maniram - i have 0 star player u send request to my team i accept it u get trickster 
55 months ago
what is master bluster bro?? never shows in my achievement list...
55 months ago
Power puff achievement plz...
55 months ago
Tim Moore # 125
I need 7 revenge and 5 hattricks
55 months ago
To complete juggernaut, power puff and Trickster achievement i will help u i lost the match if u have doubt see the match link
55 months ago
Trickster 1 will try and get it PLZ help me!
55 months ago
55 months ago
Rajamanickam - bro u complete your achievement u should play with new team with more than one month from created date that's only consider your achievement , before play u should check 1 month completed r not 
55 months ago
my all achievements is completed
55 months ago
55 months ago
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