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by Sandeep Ankisetty (imsandy09) 109 months ago Training
does continuous training on particular criteria differ from alternating the training ??  suppose if i train continuously on bowling nd after to batting will be better or altering the both will be better??

ny one experienced plz reply :-)

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Training continiously on a particular criteria will be better for sure.:-)
109 months ago
will my players does't perform well on the other criteria which i m not training??
109 months ago
the best strategy i know is to train in one skill only nd buy players for the other :)
nd since bowlers are costly, its better to train in bowling nd buy good batsmen.
then after some time wen ur bowlers have reached really gud skill levels u can train in batting if u want.
109 months ago
No. It is not lyk dat. Bt training on a particular criteria will make ur players perform better on dat criteria.
109 months ago
i support what ashank has said :)
109 months ago

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