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Newbie's Guide to Success PART -3 (training related)

by Aayush_17 (Why So Serious) 82 months ago Newbie

Hey guys this is me Aayush signing in again to bring you one more part of Newbie's Guide to Success.
In this part i am gonna share with you all my strategies of
1. Fitness
2. Wicketkeeping and fielding
3. Batting
(Not bowling sorry as i am not a bowling trainer and have got no experience of it )
Hope you enjoy and like what you will read .Positive and Negative comments both appreciated !!

1. Fitness
-in batting and bowling spin training

Keep your players in at least decent fitness. They don't get much affected due to fitness so give them fitness training twice a season.
Once in the season break and once in the middle of the season.
This will guarantee that your players stay in at least decent fitness throughout the season.

-if you train in bowling seam

Fitness is a very important part for seamers. I mean taking a runup and then bowling at 140-150kmph is no joke ! They must have great fitness to do that ! Eg- i have a seam bowler avg/useless who was in superb fitness. Now how many stars would you expect from him ? 1,2,3 rite ? But he gave me 6 stars !! That was jst coz of his fitness ! Here was a live eg to you all now let's see when to train them .
I believe that we should keep them in good or superb fitness throughout the season. As we get bonus stars if we do . So we must train out seam bowlers 3 times in a week for fitness.

2. Wicketkeeping and fielding

- fielding
This training must be done once or twice in a season. You can train max 22 players and minimum 11 players for fielding. Take 2 different sets of players for both league matches so that all of your players get trained as this training is as important as batting or bowling !

- wicketkeeping
You can train max 2 wicketkeepers per week and it is advisabls that you don't have more than 2 wks in your team. Even 1 is fine.
Along with wicketkeeping your 2 trainees get trained in batting too !

This form of training is important as it helps save runs and reduces the chanced of misfields,byes and catches dropped!

3. Batting training

We should have 6 batsmen and 5 bowlers . 6 batsmen as we can train 6 batsmen per week .
There are 2 types of batsmen.
- balanced batsman - these have equal skill in both attributes for eg rem/vs spin and rem/vs seam . They can play both spin and seam good but have an equal risk of getting out to both of them.

imbalanced batsman- these batsmen have different skills in both attributes. Eg. Rem/vs spin and avg/vs seam. This batsman will play spin better than seam but has a high chance of getting out to seam.

There are 3 types of batting trainings

-Batting- it trains the batsman equally in both attributes. i.e 50/50 in both

-Batting spin - it trains the batsman better in spin than in seam. 60/40 ratio

-Batting seam - it trains the batsman better in seam than in spin. 60/40 ratio.

I believe in having all balanced batsmen.

First of all buy 6 rel or acc 17-18 yrs old batting trainees. For bowling get some aged rem or brill bowlers so that your team will be good in both aspects.
then if you have unlocked individual training train 3 of them for batting spin and 3 for batting seam...then change their focus after 3 weeks and then continue doing you will have good balanced batsmem !

If you don't have individual batting training available then train all of them in batting till you unlock individual batting.

After your trainees reach age 24, sell 3 of them and keep 3 to win matches. From the money you earn by selling 3, get a new set of trainees and keep doing the same.

If you want to be a good batting trainee you need to understand that it takes a lot of patience and time to be it. You may lose 1-2 seasons when you have just started batting training but after that, you will be a BANG!!!

Thnx for spending your precious time on reading my post... Hope you like it and pls comment.

Signing off -
Aayush (plagued galaxy)


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Aayush_17 (Why So Serious) Pune # 1
Thnx vvishal bala ! :D
81 months ago
Hello dear

I have a good player
Age 17 year 45 days
Skill 20,436
Fldng average
B/ seam mediocre
B / spin mediocre
Bowling Acomplished
B/ variation usless

How many days will take this player to bating seam Acomplished
Bating spin Acomplished

Now he is in transfer market
Rsp 4,350000
Current bid 6,000000

What can I do now ?

If I give him batting training can he became a good all rounder ?
can i get some good profit later ?

Or let him to go another team.
Kindly help me. .....
I need your advice
81 months ago
Aayush_17 (Why So Serious) Pune # 3
If you are a batting trainer train him.... He will be very good after 2-3 seasons
But now that he is already bidded upon leave him....get some better trainees from the money u get from him :)
81 months ago

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