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ceg cricket cup

by Raghul Rocky (Jon Snow) 59 months ago
Before starting Tournament I need all your support and co- operation TOURNEY RULES:- 1. Matches will be played on Wednesday only (no credits) 2. 8 teams needed for the tournament 3. 2 groups with 4 teams each. 4. Top 2 teams of each group qualify for the semifinals 5. This is not a Prize based Tournament 6. Only for CEG CIVIL STUDENTS 7. TOURNEY WILL START NEXT WEDNESDAY (9-9-15)

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add me bro
59 months ago
Raghul Rocky (The Werewolf) i dont want to hurt :P u any more ...... make mine and yours team in the  same group.... ha haaaaa
59 months ago
add me bro iam play this tournament
59 months ago
ceg civil -_- . make t all cegians. many ll come
59 months ago
59 months ago
Add me
59 months ago
okieee   Sir Dinesh Kumaar (MoNsTeRs Army)  i f any Cegians Out there plzzz comment below ...... 
59 months ago
Rohit_Shaw (Punjab Predators) Calcutta # 8
Add me bro
59 months ago
Harshanth (LEGIONS) Chennai # 10
helllloo ... Atlast !!! 
I m from CEG ... Make it CEG as whole 
Lots will join 
59 months ago
Yup, I would like to join as well. I am from Ceg but not civil
59 months ago
add me
59 months ago

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