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ceg cricket cup

by Raghul Rocky (Jon Snow) 58 months ago
Before starting Tournament I need all your support and co- operation TOURNEY RULES:- 1. Matches will be played on Wednesday only (no credits) 2. 8 teams needed for the tournament 3. 2 groups with 4 teams each. 4. Top 2 teams of each group qualify for the semifinals 5. This is not a Prize based Tournament 6. Only for CEG CIVIL STUDENTS 7. TOURNEY WILL START NEXT WEDNESDAY (9-9-15)

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add me bro
58 months ago
Raghul Rocky (The Werewolf) i dont want to hurt :P u any more ...... make mine and yours team in the  same group.... ha haaaaa
58 months ago
add me bro iam play this tournament
58 months ago
Dinesh Kumaar (MoNsTeRs Army) Chicago # 4
ceg civil -_- . make t all cegians. many ll come
58 months ago
58 months ago
Add me
58 months ago
okieee   Sir Dinesh Kumaar (MoNsTeRs Army)  i f any Cegians Out there plzzz comment below ...... 
58 months ago
Rohit_Shaw (Punjab Predators) Calcutta # 8
Add me bro
58 months ago
Harshanth (LEGIONS) Chennai # 10
helllloo ... Atlast !!! 
I m from CEG ... Make it CEG as whole 
Lots will join 
58 months ago
Yup, I would like to join as well. I am from Ceg but not civil
58 months ago
add me
57 months ago

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