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The Flat Track Bully - Credit Based

by Sri Aswin (Champs XI) 59 months ago
Hello Guys 
This will be a tourney for mid level managers - (350k-650k)

Since no sponsors are available at present stage. The cost of joining the tourney would be 1 cr per participant.  However, the credits will be refunded in equal proportion should a main sponsor show up :)

 Rules : 
>Maximum of 7 credits required....
1.The tourney will be clan based. (8 clans in total) 
2.Each clan will be provided with its managers based on their ranking* 
3.There would be three groups forming each clan. 
4.Group 1 - 350-450* , Group 2 - 450-550*,  Group 3 550-650*
5.All games must be played on FLAT wicket only
6.The clan that tops the points chart is declared the winner.
7.The tourney will start and conclude ASAP..... 

* Top 11 Skill Index

Points clarification:

Win within 15 overs with 5 wkts or more in hand= 3 pts
Else - 2 pts

Win margin greater or equal to 100 = 3 pts
Else - 2 pts

Bonus Point gained should any team have a batsmen scoring 50 and bowler earning a 4 wkt haul.

 Prizes will be announced as soon as the tourney kicks off....

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Updated at: 04-09-2015

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59 months ago
Akhil (BALLS OF FIRES)  Ur top XI Skill Index mate?
59 months ago
Add me
59 months ago
add me
59 months ago

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