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85 months ago

Strategies to Set lineups for Newbies :)

by Richard Christian (CapT CoOL MsD) 85 months ago Newbie
Well i had started my HW Career in January 2014 and its almost 1 year and 9 months old  and when i was a newbie i had lot of difficulties regarding how to set a proper lineup ???
It took a long time for me to get grip into it and i would like to share my way of setting lineups and would like to express and discuss my bit of experience so far i had here regarding Setting lineups.
             So first up always important who is your opponent and which pitch are you playing on ? Thats the very first thing we look into strategy differs from person to person depending wat type of trainer you are Batting Trainer.Spin Trainer  or Seam Trainer there may be other exceptional ones training in Wicketkeeping/Fielding :p 
               Now for a newbie it is not easy to analyse out everything so quickly but there is always lot of options in front of you. You have recent matches of your opponent to go through and analyse what are the batting and bowling stars of your opponent ??  Who is his best batter ?? Who are his main premier bowlers?  
what form are his players currently are in ?   Analyse his previously played matches and on what pitches he played and that can give you an idea about increase and decrease in stars of his batters and bowlers though not easy to find out skills but if you go through games played by your opponent you will surely find some more or less decrease in stars in few games you must be smart enough to find it out which batsman seems to be Seam heavy and who is Spin heavy  
         While analysing all that you need to be sure what are your weakness and in which department ? If for example you are a batting trainer you might not have bowlers who are having skills like a bowling trainer but you would have batters may be better than what a bowling trainer  might not have  these variations will exist unless you have hell lot of Finance but as a newbie you dont expect or cannot think of it so early and what that means is you have to play with what resources you have  

Suppose you are playing on Green track make sure you use you best seamers up front and utilise them properly at early stages as every bowler is allowed to bowl 4 overs if you feel you might lack better bowlers to bowl in the last remaining overs you can spare 1 over from each for later stages but as far as i know and what ever experience i have i  found out that its better you use your best bowlers upfront when  you are playing on tracks which has help for bowlers like Sporting, Crumbling , Green on such tracks you must be on All Attack mode :P  that is use your best ones up front and try to utilise every opportunity and boost that is available When it comes to Flat tracks you need to be smart enough to keep shuffling your bowlers may be you can try  seam from one end and spin from the other just to disturb the batting side and make sure they dont feel comfortable and  get used to same bowlers you can vary your bowlers in this manner on tracks which has no boost or help at all for bowlers.

When to take the Powerplay?? 
While going through your opponents matches played you should get an idea which bowler of his team is down on form and which overs does he come to bowl you can take maximum advantage of that and try and use your powerplay overs when he uses bowlers which are down in form say like Unreliable,Poor or may be decent these are the overs you can take powerplay and score maximum runs out of it or you can use pp overs when your opp uses his weak bowlers that indication you wil get when you will go through your opp previous matches. But when you play on Green tracks make sure u take pp after 5/6 overs and let the initial boost die down so that you dont lose your way at early stages of a match while chasing it is necessary to take pp as early as possible because it can reduce your chasing pressure and you can score runs quickly if things go well :P 

What to do after winning the Toss bat or bowl??? 
This depends on your overall balance of your team which combines your batting and bowling you can decide it depending on what pitches you wil be playing and what type of opponent you might face if  opp does not have any deadly bowlers who can  make impact you can surely think of chasing if you have proper and decent batters  though what i feel is being newbie you still might mess things up so i feel safe option would be is to bowl first and try and restrict your opp as much less you can because being a newbie you will not be facing tough and deadly teams so early unless you purposely send challenges them to play :p  and the opponent whom you would face also will be newbie and not much older than you in HW. Still bat or bowl depends what pitch you are playing on and most important how is your opponent ? Because like in real cricket there is something called "Chasing Pressure"  :p 
This is what i have for now and i hope some thing out of this should be useful for newbies if not all :P I have tried my best to describe whatever i could :) 

Thank you 
Sir Richard Christian 
Manager of  Capt Cool Msd 

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Updated at: 16-01-2017

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85 months ago
good one bro....

84 months ago
bro i think batting first would be better bcz if we win the run rate matters when it comes to no.of wickets  and runs
84 months ago
Manoj Raina (manoj XI stars) Thanjavur # 4
Richard Christian - very very thanks after using ur strategy i have 5 consecutive wins

84 months ago
Goood luck :D nd Thnxxx
84 months ago

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