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Team Building Strategy

by SachinJalan (Adfligens) 82 months ago Newbie
Contrary to popular belief a newbie has a huge advantage over older managers. This is so because they get a brand new team to start over with. They have a chance to build on new strategies, whereas older managers have already gotten too deep into previously executed strategies and might find it too difficult to start over. So following are a few tips to build a strong team. It involves 2 important things:

1. Training
2. Buying players

1. Don't make the mistake of training your players in your favorite department of cricket. If you like batting, doesn't mean you players need training in batting, that's your personal choice. Although you do not get on the field, you're an important part of the team. Hence, sort your players according to age and see whether your youngest lot of players are bowlers or batters. If they're bowlers, start with bowling training, or else otherwise.

Now, let's get into the sub-departments. It's important to have a balanced side. You cannot progress far enough if you're excellent with bowling seam but suck at bowling spin, then you'll get into trouble with opponents who're good at handling seam bowling. Because in such a scenario, your seamers won't get you wickets and your spinners, well, weren't getting any wickets before either. Imagine a situation where the opponent is good at handling spin. The scores won't be of a 20/20 match at the end!

Likewise, it's important to train in both, batting seam and batting spin.

So, to have a balanced side, train in all sub-departments. But remember, do not change the main training departments every season. Train your players till the age of 24, no matter how many seasons it takes them to reach that age.

Another important aspect in training is fitness. A superb fitness player who's not much skilled can hammer an unfit player even if the latter has superior skills. So, during season breaks, train in fitness and continue with it even during the early stages of the season untill all your players reach superb fitness, specially your seam bowlers. Once that's done, stop with fitness and start your usual training. Now, in between seasons, fitness may drop, do not get tempted to start fitness again. Remember, fitness training starts only during season breaks, which means always play a challenge match during season breaks.

2. Now that you're training in one department, the other department has to be strengthened too, right? So, buy players. If you're training in bowling, buy good batsmen, if you're training in batting, buy bowlers. Now, do not go for buying extra-ordinary bowlers, as you might have financial constraints in beginning. So, asses your current bowling/batting strength. Buy players who can increase your bowling/batting strength. If your average skill in a department is average, buy a player who is reliable in that skill. If the average is accomplished, buy a player who's remarkable, etc. Buy a player who adds value. Now, you need money to buy players. You can earn money through various unofficial tournaments and a whole lot of other activities. But a sure shot way is to increase seats in your stadium, obviously when it starts to go houseful. It will go houseful, if you have a good fan size, you will have a good fan size if you win matches, and you will win matches of you have well trained players and a balanced team. Hence this post.

P.s. You can loan players from your alliance members too.

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Hey u dont need to b a musky 4 individual training !
82 months ago
Haha, good to know. Anyway I bought it and then discovered this feature, so I thought maybe it's only for Musketeers.
82 months ago
Edit d post maybe :p
82 months ago
NIKEo_0 # 4
Actually helping newbies !
82 months ago
good thougts n ideas
82 months ago
usefull man thanks
82 months ago
82 months ago

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