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by Rishit Arora (dirtyboys) 76 months ago Newbie
If you have just joined the game, or you are few months old in the game, dont get disappointed seeing Teams of 1.1 or Teams with red stars bowlers,Red stars batsmen

Trust me you can get there within short period of time.

Dos : 

1) Concentrate your 1st season training in 1 particular field. Let it be : Batting Training or Bowling Training, Dont mix them at any cost

a) For Batting Training : 

You can Train upto 6 batsmen, Train young batsmen of ur team in batting spin/seam or Batting Training. If Individual Training is opened for you, Then well and go, It helps a lot. 
Also  Scout is one important aspect of this game. Younger the player the faster he trains. 

b) For Bowling Training : 

You can Train upto 6 bowlers in Bowling Training - You can train in Bowling Seam or Bowling Spin
So do this for a season or 2 and then sell most of ur bowlers/batsmen. U will have a lot of finance.

2) 2nd thing you need to do this get unreliable fitness/hopeless fitness/poor fitness or even decent fitness players in decent Amount . To know the decent amount of any player in the market ping me anytime or better take a Muskeeter, which will help u understand the market value. Muskeeter helps in it. 
Now what u have to do with those players are give Fitness for 2  or 3 seasons. Now you will have more finance with you.

3) Now buy semi trained bowlers /batsmen with that much finance [You will understand yourself what to buy in this game] and continue ur bowling or batting training. Within short period of time you will be ready to face some monsters ;) 

4) Now to gain success dont only try to make monster batsmen/bowlers. Make sure you give fitness training from time to time. 1 training in season and 1 training in Season Break is ideal. Giving 2 training in one season and 1 training in Season Break will help keeping ur players fit and also at the same time more stars.  Making good players are important but also at the same time fitness is one most important aspect of your game.

5) Have bench strength - Try to have bench strength. This is the last step you need to do. First your aim should be 5 to 6 batsmen + 5 bowlers. Then you can go for 6th or 7th bowler in bench.
Reason : If form is dipped of one of ur main bowler, You will have a bowler to replace him from bench. 

Try to talk with managers in facebook group called Hitwicket, Participate in unofficial tournaments, which will only gain you experience when u will be in team game with different people

Dont :

1) Dont ever get frustrated by seeing the top teams. They have done lot of hardwork and have applied a lot of brain to get where they are.  You need some patience in this game. You will fall in love with this game within a month. 

2) Frustration also leads some teams doing cheating. Dont ever do that. Gaining Respect is one of the most important aspect of this game. Some teams did achieved top positions but they were banned and people forgot them and said *Cheating se toh koi bhi yeh kar sakta hai* [Yes you will be caught if you indulge in some unfair means] 

There are teams like Cyclops who is in 1.1 from a long time. Many teams came, Many teams got relegated but he created his own legacy. 

Trust in being working patiently, You will gain what you want to achieve

3) Dont ever give mix training. Some people give mix training like Batting Spin for 1st week. Bowling seam for 2nd week. Bowling Spin for 3rd week. Batting Seam for 4th week. DOnt ever do that.
Concentrate on one particular training only for seasons

Thatz it from me, Alvida

~~~~~~~Rishit the best there was, the best there is and the best there will be~~~~~~~~~~


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Updated at: 19-02-2017

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I am wondering the same :p 
76 months ago
Subho Mitra - Yes it does, u can get more quality scout there., if you are ready to spend the money
76 months ago
restin baby - buy batsmen from auction market
75 months ago
Arman Khan - auction market, 

monster bat can be - fantastic, fantastic

Buy till 28 years of age only.
75 months ago
ELATCHIAN - just remember, watever training u give u have to give for atleast 4 seasons. Batting or bowling.

1 season is nothing :) 
75 months ago
Refresh form is supposedly applicable only for musketeers
74 months ago
Rishit Arora - Thats it....a super awesome post bro...
U have inspired us too .. ;)
74 months ago
you didn't answer me
74 months ago
Thanku Bro
74 months ago
Rinkle - Yes, Provided they all 6 are Seamers or Spinners

and rest 8 overs are bowled by opposite of what u are training [Seamers/Spinners]
74 months ago
Rohan_Naik - Bhai dobara ping kar
74 months ago
Viraj Choudhary - Go my way, Keep 3 batsmen permanently for starters. 

Keep on selling 3 batsmen for profit...
When u have atleast 60 to 70 M, Buy a bowler of 27 years age or 28 years age max...not older . Never overapay for a bowler, Get in touch with experienced manager to know if a bowler is worth it or not. 

After one season do sell it, U will get the same amount of money back and keep on repeating the process of selling bowlers

Also at the same time keep on repeating selling 3 batsmen for profit again and again.

When u have 5 bowlers...Keep on rotating them after each season as stated above

Then u can concentrate on buying 4th batsman,5th batsman and 6th batsman - Semi Trained batsmen and train them yourself.

Ur team will be like undefeated.
74 months ago
Adviteeya Aggarwal Rajaruwaid - Ticket sales, Achievements, Sell ur players from time to time, Bas yahi hai :3
73 months ago

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