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74 months ago

New User's Guide to U20 Cup

by Arpit (Invincible United XI) 83 months ago Newbie

Many new users are unaware about the u20 cup or have many questions with regards to it. Here i have tried to answer a few od these.

What is U20 Cup?
U20 cup is held once every season. Teams can register themselves for the u20 cup with a squad of minimum 11 u20 players. These players need to be 19.69 or below on a given cut off date for each cup.

Revenue from the cup?
There are no ticket sales for U20 Cup. Revenue is earned through sponsorship. You get 200k for every match you play. Also for every win you earn 250k.

Benefits of Playing u20 cup?
1. You get to play more matches which helps you enjoy the game and learn more about the game.
2. Usually you have u20 players in your squad whom you are training. These players gain experience only through league matches. No other form of match gives them experience. (Challenge match gives exp only during season break). However U20 matches which a player plays also add to his exp and this is good for your trainees since higher the exp better the perfomance.
3. Revenue - Playing matches earns you sponsorship fee and winning matches gives u a further 250k per win.
4. Ofcourse there is the ultimate glory of being crowned the u20 champ

Strategies for U20 Cup :

Strategy 1 - In it to Win It : Here the teams buy very strong u20 players. if you are a batting trainer you buy excellent bowlers to balance your squad and vice-versa and aim to win the cup.
However recent trends show that winning teams have red star level players which a new user cannot afford to buy. So it is recommended the new user goes for strategy 2.

Strategy 2 - Play for the experience
As a new user playing more games teaches you about the game and also playing u20 games boosts exp of your trainees.
Under this strategy you go for minimum cost max rewards. Do not try to win matches. Even if you do not win a single match you still get to play 4-5 league games (Varies depending on no. of registerations ). Which means you are sure to get 800k (200k sponsorship income each match).
Now, you already would have your 6 batting or bowling trainees. To register you need 5 more players. If you keep a keen eye on the market you can buy these 5 players for 50-100k. Buy very low skilled players. Remember you are not trying to win. You are playing to get your trainees experience.
Another benifit of low skilled players is that their salaries are low.

If you buy at the right times and you buy low skilled players the total cost you incurred to buy players, their salary and registeration fees would not exceed 400-500k. The guaranteed income from the cup is 800k which means u definitely earn 300k. Plus if you manage to win a match that is a bonus 250k.
In the process you trainees gain valuable exp (your capt 30% extra). Its a win-win

Best time to buy for U20 Cup?
The best time to buy for u20 cup is after Friday of the week which is 2 weeks before the registertion CLOSES. eg. Registeration for u20 this season closes on 3rd sept. 2 weeks before means 20th Aug. Friday of that week is 21st August.
Reason for buying 2 weeks before is because during the last week there is a mad rush to fill teams by everyone which really raises prices of even low skilled u20 players.
Reason for buying after Friday is that since Salaries are paid on Friday, you save one weeks salary.

Important : While buying look to buy at odd times when less people are online (ie. Other than 6 to 11 pm ist).
Also Do not get carried away when buying. Remember the target is to play u20 so buy cheap low skilled players. High skilled players will only increase your costs. (You cannot win the cup with even brilliant level skilled players - you need players to be of higher skill than that so as a new user there is no point attempting that since you need to build your funds before you can afford such players).

In conclusion i would say U20 is a very good option for a New User who can gain a lot following strategy 2.
The player Experience matters a lot in his performance and you can gain a little cash too in the process.

Recommendation : Every new user must consider playing U20 cup. Once you have your trainees it can be very handy exposure for you and your players.

If you have any further doubts, myself and the hw community are here to help so ask away!! :)

Registeration is now open.

To register :

World > U20 Cup > Register

Imp pts.
1. You need at least 11 eligible players to register
2. Once you register the players registered cannot be sold/fired till you are knocked out. So think carefully before registering since once you register earliest you will be able to sell/ fire those players is around 30th Nov
3. After registeration you can add players to your U20 squad subject to Maximum of 15 players in total (including the ones at the time of initial registeration)
4. Once you register a player you cannot remove him from the squad.
5. Last day to register is 12th Nov

Good luck.



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Updated at: 05-02-2016

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74 months ago
Can I join
74 months ago
Join my alliance "devils game"
74 months ago
Good post to newbies and it is helpful to me too
74 months ago
Abdul Rehman Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh # 606
Add me
73 months ago
Abdul Rehman - U are added.
73 months ago
73 months ago
Dhruvil Patel (Bahadur Express) Edmonton, Alberta # 609
Arpit - Why can't I register for the U20 Cup? Is there max capacity of teams that can join?
73 months ago
Debajyotice KOLKATA # 610
I am not able to register. please guide
73 months ago
Dhruvil Patel - The cup has already started. You can't register now. You will be able to register for next cup.
For dates check Game Manual

And yes when registrations do open there are limited spots so keep an eye on that.
73 months ago
Debajyotice - Same as above bro
73 months ago
Debajyotice KOLKATA # 613
73 months ago
Rao Narnaul # 614
Arpit - Add me
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I am also
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