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[Hitwicket Strategy ] Newbie to Guide to FAME

by Supreme_Leader (Harbingers Of ChaoS) 82 months ago Newbie

I am not a good writer but i am gonna have a go at it. 

Strategies to flourish in the game from the beginning itself :- 

1. 1st ever SCOUT  
best way of income is training ur 1st ever scout in the attribute he is good at. be it bowling/batting. SO batting training or Bowling Main training early on. and now checking ur scout's skills buy 18 yr olds from the market for very cheap prices.. ( 100K-1M max to max) . and now train them all in 1 skill be it BM/ batting . now sell them just before u20 ( seasonal championship wherein people spend lots of money for even lesser skilled players) .. this will be ur 1st major income source. 

2. Start training AGAIN 

but this time with a slight better set of trainees. around 17.40-50yr olds avg/use ( rel/use) and try to buy them as cheap as possible.. now sell them again just before u20.. this will be ur biggest income which will help u in buying gem trainees ( 17.30 acc/use) in coming seasons.

3. Training Strategies :

never train allrounders or train players in attributes they have low skills in.. it will take more time for them to pop up and hence will get u lower profits.  ALWAYS AND ALWAYS train a player in same skills over a season or two.. if u change their training in between early on their popups become slower. ( not applicable for batting training). and never miss FITNESS TRAININGS in SEASON BREAKS. 

4. Finance Management

few means of gaining finances :
i)  having huge fan Clubs so that u get more and more money in home matches.
ii) joining an ALLIANCE so that u gain finances through that mode as well.
iii) selling ur initial base of players provided by HW ( after some time though)

this post has it all :

best forum post regarding finance management for newbies

5. Market Transfers :
keep a rule : Never buy players for more than 0.8RSP ( for age > 20yrs) and never sell them for below RSP.. there are many managers who are out there in need of type of players u have so U just have to keep them again and again for > RSP and u will get ur due money very soon . never ever cheat coz when u try getting bids of RSP on cheap players u get fined for 2*RSP which derails ur team growth.

6. Managing ur fan base/Stadium Size/ Stadium Pitch
more the merrier.. but it shud not never be in excess.. keep in mind that more the fan base more is ur home match fees. So always switch to easy leagues early on so that u dont lose many games and ur fans keep on increasing. Try to change ur pitch to a type which compliments ur training skill. 

7. Lineup Strategies :

firstly never play with teams more than ur strength/capability. check ur/opponent's HW meter in batting/bowling and then only play with them.. and now when u play with an equal opponent of urs try to follow simple rules :

i) keep ur batsmen upfront. try to keep it simple 

ii) AFT - AMAP ( only choice) and PP 1-5 

iii) bowl with seamers upfront ( as they have boost in 1-5overs) and in death and spinners in middle.
iv) try to bowl ur best bowlers when ur opponent usually takes PP ( can be checked seeing the past few matches)

These are some tips from me which  I thought of doing earlier too but better late than never ;). this is what i did when i 1st joined though i wasted over 1 yr figuring and doing this but eventually i started doing this and increased my finances to over 350M in 4-5 months span 

Signing off,

Supreme Leader

Proud U20-12 winner :D


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Updated at: 02-09-2015

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great..i was preparing the same article..but now obv can't  win against u20 champ
82 months ago
No AFT option for Newbies :v
82 months ago
82 months ago
Haha.nice one.a complete package.
82 months ago
When there is no option, how can they even choose re
82 months ago
82 months ago
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) Uttarkashi # 8
Why should not noobs try anything fancy from start?? O.o
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) because when try something fancy they lose.. fancy is against higher level teams..   not when newbies play against newbies ;)
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) Uttarkashi # 10
Oh. Lemme give an example of why noobs need to do something fancy.

There is an alliance match (rising for instance) and the home/away match is with founder who is strong( there is no point of playing only weak teams in alliance matches :p) then also he should not try something fancy?? O.o
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) well they shud in this particular case which is far fetched possibility in itself that a new 10-15 days later joins an alliance immediately .. even if he does his founder is there to help him.
that statement was matches in general not a few exceptions. every newbie is not a noob like you. 
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) Uttarkashi # 12
Well what kinda non-noob are u?? U should encourage the noobs to try something different. Not scare them off -_-
82 months ago
Beast_Ver2 (Ruthless Rogues) lol they are called newbies not noobs .. go correct ur english 1st.  and its not scaring them off its for the betterment of their career. from early on if they start losing they will lose interest anyways. 
and keep commenting useless comments just for the sake of it. marking spam all of them. 
82 months ago
good work
82 months ago
82 months ago
82 months ago
82 months ago
Hello dear

I have a good player
Age 17 year 45 days
Skill 20,436
Fldng average
B/ seam mediocre
B / spin mediocre
Bowling Acomplished
B/ variation usless

How many days will take this player to bating seam Acomplished
Bating spin Acomplished

Now he is in transfer market
Rsp 4,350000
Current bid 6,000000

What can I do now ?

If I give him batting training can he became a good all rounder ?
can i get some good profit later ?

Or let him to go another team.
Kindly help me. .....
I need your advice
82 months ago

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